Ottawa Police now investigating 11 south-end robberies

CTV News:

Ottawa PoliceOttawa Police now investigating 11 personal robberies in South-Keys since October 5th..


The suspect is described as being a man with a darker complexion, between 5’4” and 5’6” tall, between 20-25 years of age, wearing a dark jacket and pants. […]

(I was just speaking with a former resident of this area, Bank St., Albion Rd., Hunt Club Rd., who tells me that they have just built a large mosque within a block or two of these incidents and that muslims are moving to this area in large numbers, and, according to a resident still there, have made their presence and influence felt. Not that this relates to these crimes or anything. Just saying is all)


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    Having a mosque near you is about the worst form of property blight imaginable. Mosques act as the nuclei of Muslim ghettos around which ever-expanding no-go areas grow. Infidels are forced to sell their homes to Muslims at massively reduced prices by campaigns of intimidation including pedophile attacks, harassment, street jihad etc. Council tenants are displaced by Muslims who scream ‘racism’ if the local council doesn’t preferentially house them near the mosque with their ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’.

  2. Egypt jails girls over pro-Morsi demonstration (BBC, Nov 27, 2013)
    “A court in Egypt has sentenced 21 female supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi to 11 years in prison. They were found guilty of multiple charges, including belonging to a terrorist group, obstructing traffic, sabotage and using force at a protest in the city of Alexandria last month. Seven are under 18 years of age and will be sent to a juvenile prison. The court also sentenced six Muslim Brotherhood leaders to 15 years in prison for inciting the protest. One report said the men had been tried in absentia. Some 17 clerics linked to the Islamist movement, to which Mr Morsi belongs, were meanwhile arrested in the Nile Delta town of Gharbiya…”

  3. Whenever an area is targeted by Muslims, they initially buy one house, and use it as a prayer room. This gets Muslims coming to the area. Anti-social activities against the Infidels then start. The imam will state that it is only a tiny minority, and all other religions etc..There could even be false flag EDL letters painted on the house/prayer room. And so it starts.

    The Infidels leave, having lost money on their houses. The area is now dar ul islam, and permission to build a mosque is granted. The cancer spreads bloc by bloc.

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