News links for Nov 25 2013 – 4

1. Stop the presses. The pope defends Christians in the middle east!

2. Pictorial essay on muslims in Syria beheading everyone they don’t agree with. VERY harsh images.

3. Preacher Anjem Choudary’s hotline to terrorist White Widow

A new report reveals the radical cleric incites his army of British fanatics to take up arms with Lewthwaite’s jihadists in Somalia.

And Lewthwaite – on the run after the Kenya mall massacre – supports Choudary, 46, by praising him online, it says.

Choudary has sparked fury in Britain for burning poppies and urging Muslims to milk Britain’s benefits system. Meanwhile, Lewthwaite, 29, spouts extremism on a Twitter feed claiming links to terror groups al-Shabaab and al-Qaida.

(This you can do while you collect benefits from the British government. But whatever the hell you do, never say anything bad about islam on a bus)

4. France ‘to send more troops’ to Central African Republic

“France has agreed to send 800 extra troops to the Central African Republic (CAR), CAR Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye has said. He said the deployment to the conflict-torn nation would take place after a vote in the UN Security Council – expected next week. The UN deputy secretary general has called for the council to take urgent action, warning of “complete chaos”.

5. EDITORIAL: Who is the ”far right”?

6. Locals storm militant base in Benghazi after at least nine people were killed in clashes.  

Thank you Fjordman, Wrath of Khan, M and all the people who sent in material today.

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  1. 5/

    That editorial is not quite correct:

    “The political terms left and right came into existence in 1789 during the French Revolution. Members of the National Assembly who supported the king sat to the right of the speaker, and revolutionaries to his left.

    To the right belonged the representatives that to a greater or smaller extent were in favor of keeping the privileges of the nobility and the priesthood. The leftists advocated freedom, equality and brotherhood and wanted to abolish all special privileges.”

    That is correct to a point, but the revolutionaries also wanted the government to be in control of everything. It turned out that these Leftists wanted their freedom, equality and brotherhood but expected the state to ensure it all. When you expect the state to maintain your freedom, you eventually end up losing it.

  2. Bloke on the bus ought to have said COMMIES marry cousins blow up busses and worship the Profits. Everyone would laugh and the Arab or Paki would be backed into ridicule.

  3. Historically speaking the far left has wanted to reproduce feudalism with themselves as the Nobles and Royals, note how they keep trying to push a royal family on the US and how they try and make their politicians into Nobles who don’t have to follow the same law the rest of us do.

  4. Egypt’s ‘nude poser’ ridicules the Muslim call to prayer

    Alia al-Mahdi – notoriously known as the “nude poser” – stirred up more trouble when she derided the Muslim call to prayer on social media.

    On her Facebook account, she published a picture of a fabricated call to prayer, which stated “woman is great ” instead of “Allahu Akbar” or “God is great.”

    She also turned the phrase “I bear witness that there is no god except the One God,” into “I bear witness that there is no lord, ruler or father.”

    Mahdi’s Facebook posts have irked the Salafist preacher Sheikh Nasser Radwan, who called her statements “pure heresy” and that she should be tried for “defaming religion and insulting the Divine Being,” the Egyptian Veto Gate news website quoted him as saying on Sunday.

    He also urged al-Azhar University – the center of Islamic learning for Sunnis – as well as the Interior Ministry, to “deal with Alia to stave off any controversy in the country.”

    Meanwhile, Mahmoud Muhna, a member of al-Azhar’s council of senior scholars urged Egyptian authorities to send Mahdi – who he described as an “apostate” – to criminal courts.

    In Islam, an individual who renounces his or her Muslim belief is considered as an “apostate” and should be tried according to Sharia, or Islamic law.



    The pic :

    Woman is greater
    Woman is greater
    There is no God, ruler, or father
    Human rights are above God
    Long live sin
    Long live rebellion
    Freedom is better than kneeling
    My vagina is greater
    No God, ruler, or father



    her facebook page :


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