Edmonton Alberta police force discriminate against everyone else by developing special muslim-compliant uniforms

The Edmonton Sun reveals that:

At an Edmonton Police Commission meeting Thursday it was revealed that EPS is working on introducing a hijab option to the uniform.

But why stop there? I bet the Edmonton police could get way more gay recruits if they just adjusted the uniform a little:

I bet you could attract way more recruits from the trailer park set (where most of the crime is from quite possibly) if they just tweaked the uniform a little bit:







If anyone wants to know what I actually think of these kinds of initiatives, I wrote about it the other day on Vlad.

H/T Dymphna with thanks

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8 Replies to “Edmonton Alberta police force discriminate against everyone else by developing special muslim-compliant uniforms”

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  2. The police should wear little vests complete with strapped-on grenades. This handy little suicide uniform should be suitable for all mosque visits.
    Alternatively, police women could wear grotesque plastic phantom-of-the-opera style masks complete with melted-plastic finish. This would give the appearance of an acid attack face that should make any Imam feel at home.
    A third alternative is for all the young trainee policemen to take Viagra before dealing with any Muslim cases. The sight of a fresh-faced pretty boy with a hard-on bulging under his uniform should set any aging white-bearded Muzz’s pulse racing.

  3. There seems to be no shortage of groveling lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists of Islam in the Canadian provinces, they are quickly trying to catch up with the PC bozos in the MSM, the political class,the UK and the USA.

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