News links for Nov 15 2013 – 2

1. Video of women discussing FGM and its consequences. Article here

‘I hope you die painfully’: vile abuse aimed at anti-FGM women

Campaigners against female genital mutilation have been subjected to vile threats and abuse since they took part in a documentary about their fight.

Leyla Hussein and Nimco Ali of the charity Daughters of Eve were bombarded with sickening text messages, emails and tweets within minutes of the The Cruel Cut being broadcast on Channel 4 last week.

2. UK: Man Caught With Stun Gun Plotted To Kill PM

(The media is anxious to write this off to his mental illness. But most schizo-affective people do not seek to do this kind of harm. This would be a product of his culture, attenuated by his disease. Buddhist schizos never try and kill leaders who are not buddhist as far as I know)

3. Messages Of Hatred Toward Muslims in Belgrade Removed

Belgrade – Messages of hatred towards the Islamic population, which yesterday appeared on the recently restored tomb of Sheikh Mustafa in downtown Belgrade, were cleaned last night.


Black graffiti messages written on the Tomb say: ”Let them burn!” and ”Is this a Bin Laden’s coffin inside?”. It is not known when were the messages written exactly, but they were found yesterday on the Sheikh Mustafa’s Tomb (turbe), recently renewed with the help of Turkish embassy in Serbia.

4. The brilliant tahitian mosque-protest video with German subtitles. Please send it out to any Germans you know!

5. Protest of something Arabic looking in Copenhagen Denmark (Ashura)

6. More inevitable consequences of multiculturalism. Pakistanis roam British streets to deal on Roma’s and “educate them on British ways”

7. Allah’s slaves slaughter a bunch of tied up Syrian army POW’s. Graphic video.  

8. Recently in Germany, a church invited an imam in to give his calls to destroy Christendom etc. to an artificially sympathetic audience. One German woman objected mightily and quoted Martin Luther as she did so. Afterwards, she argued with the police who arrested her. That video will be posted tomorrow.


Thank you M, Softly-Bob, EDL Buck, Oz-Rita and all who helped with this post.

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  1. Re # 3 The Serbs have a very long history w/ Islam . They had to endure 500+ yrs. of Ottoman domination. During the phony Eu and NATO war to destroy the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia they got another raw deal. No they were not saintly during the 3 sided civil war no one was,but anti Serb propaganda was the strongest, however they were bombed for 3+ months, and Kosovo was stolen from them. To this day Serbs In Kosovo are being beaten, burned out of their homes, old folks murdered, and Eastern Orthodox Churches burned and pillaged. It has been said “it’s never over in the Balkans, it never is”. Most Serbs do not have short memories as many in the West do. It seems that everything thing that the west does favors the return of the Caliphate.

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