News links for Nov 15 2013 – 3

1. The demise of Pax Americana. Caroline Glick

Global leadership is based on two things – power and credibility. The United States remains the most powerful actor in the world. But last week, American credibility was shattered.

2. BBC: Warsi: Christian minorities ‘endangered’ in Middle East

Baroness Warsi said Christians were in danger of being driven out of countries, such as Syria and Iraq, where the religion first took root.

3. Protests as ‘child marriage’ imam back at Birmingham mosque 

An imam caught agreeing to marry off a 14-year-old girl has been welcomed back to his mosque job, despite protests from worshippers.

Sajid Zafar Hussain has spent the past month suspended from his post at the Jamatia Islamic Centre on Woodlands Road, Sparkhill.

He was caught on film agreeing to arrange the wedding ceremony by undercover TV reporters posing as the mother and brother of the schoolgirl.

(I can understand the dilemma. It is difficult to get rid of a muslim leader working at an Islamic house of religion because he insists on doing things the muslim way)

4. A SELF-styled sheikh who sent offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers has faced court in connection to the murder of a woman.

Man Haron Monis, 49, fronted Burwood Local Court charged with being an accessory before and after the fact to the murder of a woman allegedly stabbed and set alight in a western Sydney stairwell earlier this year. –

5. Islam-critical art exhibition survived despite threats

Two days before the opening, the gallery owner canceled the Passion For Freedom art exhibition in London. She feared “being killed by gentlemen from the Religion of Peace.”

The stone feels good in your hand. It is neither too heavy nor too light. You could throw it far.

Most people look confused when they come down the narrow cellar stairs in Union Street, London and at the entrance to the gallery are given a stone.

But they do as they are asked — take the stone with them — while sipping white wine and viewing the art on display at the Passion For Freedom exhibition.

6. BBC Video on tensions between the ‘Roma’ (Gypsies) and basically everyone else

7. The Sharia Project was established to implement Islamic law in Waltham Forest

Jordan Horner, 29, of Radbourne Crescent, Walthamstow. Jordan Horner, 29, of Radbourne Crescent, Walthamstow.

The leader of a group which wants to introduce Sharia law in Waltham Forest has refused to condemn three members convicted of attacking innocent members of the public.

Ricardo MacFarlane, 36, of Boyden House in Walthamstow, Jordan Horner, 29, of Radbourne Crescent in Walthamstow, and a 23-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were members of the so-called Muslim Patrol.

Thank you UK Pete, EDL Buck, Oz-Rita,

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6 Replies to “News links for Nov 15 2013 – 3”

  1. #1 Despite what some of the people I know say it will take decades or the US to regain the trust of our friends overseas, this is one of the worst things that Obama has done.

  2. The opinions of “people” I’m learning, are worthless. If they pay any attention at all, they believe what they’re told, what they’re conditioned to believe.

    It’s events that shape history. Events are slippery – results of an election, committment to a cause – they turn out to be nothing more than the results of exchange transactions between players in dark boardrooms.

  3. Familiar, sickening terms: If Obama were to hurt or to endanger sufficiently the real players, that would be a game-changer.

    Who are these “players”? I sure don’t know, but they know each other. They have relationships – not necessarily friendly – spanning more than 4 or 8 years. Way more.

    They would have to decide that this man was a clear & present danger. He could retire like Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Gerald Ford, or the last Pope.

    And there’d be a cover-story at least as good as his birther-credentials.
    And the people be damned.

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