A Boot of Tolerance Stamping on a Human Face — Forever

A staggeringly important development for free speech and Europe

From Gates of Vienna


Those who follow European political affairs may already be familiar with “A Model National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance” (pdf available here), an OIC-approved framework proposal published by the European Parliament, which seems likely to be implemented across the EU. The proposed law would devise a draconian new form of politically correct “tolerance” and impose it on European citizens and institutions by establishing bureaucratic bodies with the authority to enforce it.

Below is a recent article from Politically Incorrect that examines the implications of this new, improved, totalitarian European Tolerance. Many thanks to JLH for translating this important piece from the German:

Wolfrum in Sheep’s Clothing
By Michael C. Schneider, Esq., Frankfurt am Main

Anyone who speaks and writes about the abrogation of freedom in Europe is accused of being a pathological conspiracy theorist. So it is advisable to be a little more specific, and name names.

The abrogation of freedom in Europe is not occurring naturally, but according to the planning of educated elites, who have been trained to replace civic freedoms — especially those of expression, of the press and of the airwaves — with ideological coercion, and thus smash civil society into microscopic shards, like valuable, defenseless porcelain.

Elites active in this endeavor have established themselves in all areas, including lead positions in science, for instance, the very renowned scholar, Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Rüdiger Wolfrum, professor emeritus and one of the directors of the Max Planck Institute on foreign public law and international law in Heidelberg.

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6 Replies to “A Boot of Tolerance Stamping on a Human Face — Forever”

  1. As Russia and China slowly inch their war towards freedom Europe and Anglophone sphere are busy trying to throw out all freedom. We are going to have a real hard time defeating this enemy.

  2. The EU is becoming the Fourth Reich, Local and national governments have been reduced to puppet status. The ‘Throne In Brussels’, the seat of the dictatorship is calling all of the shots. National sovereignty is a thing of the past, home rule has been eliminated.

  3. That’s a remarkable document to read. Sucks the hope clean out of you, and in just 12 light pages. Perhaps the Orwell Trust could consider Prof. Dr. Wolfrum for its prize next year.

  4. Actions like this are what the are what the far left designed the EU to do, this is their first step towards a world wide socialist dictatorship. Unfortunately for them the Moslems have the same idea and are arousing massive resistance that will eventually boil over into open warfare.

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