News links for Nov 10 2013 – 1

1. Video by Reza K. on newly discovered site in Iran for making nuclear weapons.

2. UK: May targets radical mosques in new terror clampdown after seven suspects go on run despite strict control laws

The Home Secretary is to draw up a list of radical mosques where terror suspects being monitored under controversial control measures will be banned from worshipping.

(Yes that should solve the problem. Leave the mosques there though of course)

3. An explanation on why governments seem to be working three shifts to destroy Western civilization with islamic immigration. (Based on research in Denmark and Worth the read)

4. The general in Egypt who overthrew Morsi has a fan club that rivals Beatlemania. 

(It is important to remember that this was not a coup, but the largest people’s revolution in the history of the world, eclipsing the one to get rid of Mubarak. This only adds evidence to that fact)

4. Washington University of St. Louis administration apologizes for photo of students pointing waterguns at “terrorist”

(Jihad watch asks exactly the right question)

5. Israel says nuclear deal with Iran ‘historical mistake’  

6. I already posted this video yesterday, but here is a link to it starting at the point where what is clearly a religious muslim, pitches baseball sized rocks down onto a crowded street from the roof of a three story building.

It is so barbaric and indiscriminately violent that its actually funny in that, ‘religious psycho in ball-gown and knit cap throws rocks at a funeral procession’ sort of way. The policy answer to this of course is to bring as many of these primitives to Canada as mechanically possible and set them up here with lots of government money, special rights and great big piles of rocks just waiting for the day when they can express their religion fully in Toronto and Montreal like they do back home.

And how exciting will that be, ay? Maybe we can get Don Cherry to color comment the news-casts.


Thank you M, UK Pete, and everyone who sent in links. Some days my attention is split so many ways I lose track of who sent what. But my appreciation is still intact!


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12 Replies to “News links for Nov 10 2013 – 1”

  1. #2 The British government keep telling us that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Yet May wants to stop muslim terrorists going to certain mosques. If Islam has nothing to do with terrorism as they assert, what is the problem with mosques? Why stop them going to them?

  2. Oriana Fallaci explained it all loooooooooooog ago. Too many damned fools are now finally waking up.

    Damn all the traitors to Hell. EoD.

  3. I see a horde like that under my window, my hands itch for a rock. And, Martin, if I knew beforehand there was to be a procession of caterwauling, shrouded demons & witches — I’d be saving garbage weeks ahead of time.

    I’d also scoop up all the little neighbor kids & park them in a nice movie. No way they’d witness that nightmare-generator.

  4. So we are not allowed to comment for “Legal Reasons” on the Theresa May story, is this the start of the New Laws regarding the Free Press Publications kicking in?? so now are they starting to accept that the mosques might (just might) be a place of refuge, in all it’s just another example of the M.P’s not listening to what the People who put them in Power,(again),…. Lesson Learned.

  5. Joeb: That is such an excellent question I would hope you call every open line radio program you can reach by phone and write it in to every newspaper as a comment until you get an answer from someone who matters. I really mean that.

  6. #1 The left has to be working towards a nuclear war in the middle east, no one with any brains can think the Iranians won’t use them once they have them.

    #2 You lose your rights one at a time until one day you wake up and have no rights.

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