Michael Stürzenberger of Germany’s Freedom Party debates a classic apologist and a muslim over koran and his party’s ambitions.

The woman raises the usual canards but the muslim is walking on dangerous ground for himself. If religious muslims heard him say there is more than one koran, they would call him an apostate and do something about it.

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating this video for us all in the Anglosphere.

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18 Replies to “Michael Stürzenberger of Germany’s Freedom Party debates a classic apologist and a muslim over koran and his party’s ambitions.”

  1. Once again Michael tells it how it really is, but still the woman can’t seem to grasp the points he is making, he faces an uphill struggle.

  2. Thank-you, Rita!
    I love to listen to him. With captions I begin to retrieve what little German I learned long ago.

    Don’t you think both the pretty girl & the dirty-looking guy might be brought around with a little low-key dawa [*our* dawa]? They’re both very ignorant of texts & laws, no clue. But explaining it to them as if to young children, giving them plenty of time to go over their feelings — because they’re totally ignorant — but going over & over all of it- They could be brought around.

    They’ve been brain-washed, but their brains are so soft & empty, they could be turned.

  3. > What can possibly motivate that stupid woman?

    Post-religious emptiness and disorientation.

    She and other atheist liberals desperately want to fight for something, but since organised religion doesnt give them a goal any more, they made up their own one. They made up an utopia and they are fighting for it, which is noble in itself, because everybody else is also doing it. Tragically, they do not realize that they ONLY way to actually reach that particular utopia is self-emasculation, which everybody else out-there is just waiting for. It is like fighting for peace by being the first to dissolve your own military and hoping that everybody else will just follow.

    If you asked that Muslim guy what he is fighting for, he wouldnt need long or be ashamed to admit that if he didnt think that Islam is the perfect society and that he isnt struggling for Islam to win, he wouldnt be a Muslim.

    In a poll conducted in summer, more than a half of German Muslims said that they would like to see Islam becoming Germany’s main religion in future. They are not just passively participating and celebrating post-religious diversity, they are in it to win it.

  4. Is the Bible not considered the exact word of the Lord by many Christians because it was written originally that way, or did they start thinking that over time? If this was a stance taken up later on, then that leftist lady(the Turkish dude looks like he doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing up there in the first place) does have a point about bad stuff being in the Bible too. Her point would go towards race realism though, not her own wants.

    It should be noted that Christian groups do cause as much, if not more terror in sub-Saharan Africa, and just look at South America or the USA’s major cities..

    I have no problem with Islam, I do have a problem with anything other than Germany for Germans, and Turkey for Turks, though. World freedom was gained when all colonies gained independence. No one owes anyone anything.

    It seems this Bavarian politician, based on some of what he said, is fine with foreigners and immigration, and is only trying to tackle the ideology. He’s very mistaken if he thinks that will work, firstly, or if that’s the only threat to Germany. If it isn’t radical Islam, it’ll be something else, crime, whatever.

    I’d trade Sharia Law for no immigration.

  5. Clashes between police, foreign workers leave 2 dead in Saudi Arabia (CNN, Nov 10, 2013)
    “Two people were killed and 68 others injured in clashes between police and foreign workers following a visa crackdown in Saudi Arabia, the official news agency reported.

    Police arrested 561 people Saturday in the capital of Riyadh, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

    The arrests came after “unidentified” people barricaded themselves in narrow streets, where they threw stones at residents and vandalized shops and cars, according to a police statement posted on the news agency’s website.

    In the aftermath of Saturday’s clashes, a police spokesman urged workers without proper documents to surrender at a shelter in the capital until they could be deported.

    Saudi Arabia launched a “security campaign” this month to crack down on workers violating visa rules.”

  6. > I do have a problem with anything other than Germany for Germans

    But in todays Germany, you can not get that. So you have to aim for reasonable and actually reachable goals.

    Stürzenberger is doing exactly that, trying to score a stage win by preventing that prestigious mosque from being built, nothing else. He isnt trying to bring down the world caliphate, get rid of Islam, stop immigration or anything else similarly futile. Just stop that single mosque.

    And when you stop a mosque, you can work from that to change many other things.

    And if you find out that you can not stop a single mosque in a single city, what point would it make to aim at immigration or Islam at large? Then you would have to realize that you just lost the game.

    Failing to realize that you have to work step by step is the major problem of the European right. They are so impatient to get their “Germany for Germans, Sweden for Swedes, Britain for Britons, etc.” that they lose the sense for reality and vastly overestimate their chances and alwas go too directly, too openly, want every problem to be solved over night. That is simply not how politics works.

  7. Xenophobe – ..”i’d trade sharia law for no immigration”…..??….sorry but I just don’t get that bit at all.

  8. @Xenophobe – you are an idiot of the first order.

    You say that Christians cause more terror in Sub-Saharan Africa. No they don’t. That is a blatant falsehood and is like claiming that Jews rounded up all the Nazis and out them into death camps!
    Seriously, what planet are you on?

  9. “Is the Bible not considered the exact word of the Lord by many Christians because it was written originally that way, or did they start thinking that over time?”

    Due to the 1400 years of islamic existence ideas such as total literalism have infected Christians by osmosis. There is no such idea as “If God wills it” in Christianity either. It’s an islamic frame of mind that has no place in the free will based Christianity.

  10. Xenophobe

    As Michael Stürzenberger points out, the violence in the Koran is a direct command to Muslims, and the only sure fire method to gain paradise.

    There is no such command given by Jesus to Christians, or to humanity. Jesus taught of doing good to those that hate one, and returning evil with good.

    In fact this command of Jesus, overturned the age old law of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, that led to restraint in the newly established Christendom, stopped blood vendettas, and thus allowed the effective establishment of justice.

  11. Turn – You’re absolutely right. There is no politics though, the government already have their plans and don’t care what the people want. The EUSSR(European Union) is in full control. The only way I see Europe being saved is by people rising up and overthrowing governments, but Europeans don’t even have guns, and as long as there’s still a bit of segregation from the foreigners, places where people can white flight to, people will be content.

    Bonnie – I meant, I would accept an Islamic state in my country, as long as it meant there was no immigration and no foreign Muslims. Most natives would be too smart to follow Sharia, anyway, and the authorities would give up on trying to enforce those laws, because they’d have to execute or arrest 80% of the population.

    Softly Bob – No, it isn’t a falsehood. Look up the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa, look at the conflicts in the Congo, look up child soldiers, look what’s happening in the Central African Republic right now, and you’re mistaken if you think only Muslims are attacking Christians and not vice versa in Nigeria. Homosexuality is still illegally in most Christian African countries, and women are treated as second class citizens. These kinds of things aren’t attributed to Islam and solely the fault of Islam, they’re attributes of races closer to the equator. There’s a reason why a northern Muslim country like Kazakhstan has a lot more moderate Muslims and way less extremism, because they’re far from the shitty deserts that made the Arab. Again, look at South America, all these drug gangs, highest murder rates in the world, all Christian nations. In the Christian Phillipines, you go to jail for adultery, while in Europe you obviously don’t. That’s other races interpreting a holy book differently.

    I don’t think parties trying to save Europe from third world problems(not just a Religion) should run on this, people are too brainwashed. They should blame it on one Religion, or multiculturalism. Still, the truth matters. You have 12% of the population in the US(blacks) committing 50% of the murders in the country, supposedly mostly Christians. Again, I don’t disagree with anything here, I just hope, if we do finally get through to people, it’ll be “stop all immigration”, not just “stop all immigration from the middle-east”.

  12. Xenophobe,

    Biblical literalism reached a peak in the era when Islam virtually destroyed Christendom.

    Christianity for many is also a rejection of the tribal quality of Judaism and Islam. Jesus’s “fulfilment” of the law was graduating from all that guff about Pork, ritual slaughter and the desert practices.

  13. Xenophobe just because they call themselves Christian doesn’t make them Christian, just as you calling them Christian doesn’t make them Christian. To be Christian you have to follow Christ and follow the commands to love thy neighbor and only fight in self defense.

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