News links for Nov 10 2013 – 2

1. Did the US lie to Israel to allow a nuclear Iran and make an Israeli strike impossible?

2. SAUDI ARABIA – Foreign workers and Saudi police clash in Riyadh, 2 people dead

2b. Foreign workers protesting in Riyadh

3. Norwegian Students to Become a Minority in Oslo Schools in 8 Years

(Now how could this possibly go wrong?)

4. More better video of the Wee Willie Winkie rock toss in Egypt.

5. South Africa: LETTER: Our delusional society

Our country is awash with demonic monsters in human garb, savages fit only for the wild, and satanic beasts ill-equipped for civil society.

Is this the democracy we fought so hard for? One child raped every three minutes, three children murdered each day. We are sliding towards the edge of the abyss and our people are crying out for sanity to prevail.

Our democracy is in peril. The state has failed to protect its citizens, who voted it into power. No one could have done more harm to the cause of democracy than the present government.

6. This must be one of the monsters the above author meant

Johannesburg – So-called “birthday rapist” Mlungisa Mtshali was sentenced to 39 life terms for 39 rapes by the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Friday, SABC radio news reported.

He was sentenced to another 212 years on more than 70 additional charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and theft.

7. It is nearly that time again where Iranian muslims celebrate ashura in the streets of Montreal. This video is from last year’s celebration. Perhaps M can put more video of this lovely celebration in the comments with an explanation of what it is.


Thank you M, Fjordman, Snaphanen,

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  1. #7 – It is a Western soft version of the Shia Ashura celebrations – on the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram some Muslims slash themselves with chains or swords – it’s a form of self-punishment for not having protected Hussein, Mohamed’s grandson, who got killed during the battle of Kerbala

    Here the Ashura procession in Kufa – Iraq


    Here in Windsor Ont – last year ( at 4min50 women in burka)


    Chains and swords at the iman hussein charitable foundation in Montreal

    many videos on their facebook page :


    Huge crowds in Iraq where the celebrations last at least 10 days culminating on the 10th day of Muharram ( this year Nov 13th )

  2. Slightly off-topic for this site, but worth a look.
    Steven Seagal praises Putin, criticises Obama and claims to be something of an expert on terrorism:

  3. It is my understanding that this ashura thing is the crux of the shia/sunni divide. With all the blood soaked street theatre involved with shia muslim celebrations of “Ashura”, are there any reports of sunni muslims that are offended and react accordingly?

  4. Here in Iraq a dress rehearsal for the big day – no blood yet – ( the date for this video uploaded on youtube a few hours ago is 6th of Muharram – and the bloody Ashura is on the 10th of Muharram )

  5. As I heard it, after Kerry got Israel’s grudging okay on the purported document of understanding, he added, qualified, or outright changed key terms, pencilled in & enclosed in brackets. Israel was alerted on Saturday by British & French counterparts.

    It seems that Obama’s been easing sanctions on Iran for months now, releasing considerable hard currency. The recently publicized, tentative “thaw” in the bilateral relationship is pure theatre. Exactly what’s been going on is anyone’s guess — & everyone’s fear.

    Item #1 above has 2 parts:
    — 1st part, did the US flat-out lie to Israel? Yeah, kinda, sorta. But policy-wonk Israelis knew some & reliable sources in the U.S. relayed more to both Israel & Jordan.
    — 2nd part: Does this make Israeli strike against Iran impossible? Emphatically NO.

    It seems Bibi just noticed he’s been weaned. No more teat, not even a little snack. He’s devastated, he’s such an America-lover, he’s resisted acknowledging the facts of life. Politically, he’s taken a beating from wiser, more cynical MKs. If Bibi falls, his replacement will make Sharon look like a kitty.

    It’s really too bad. I’ve known & liked Bibi for years. I hope he can handle the emerging conflict. I really do.

  6. So it’ll come down to Israel again, as if Israel doesn’t suffer enough for being proxy for the eternally damned J-E-W.

    When Mort Zuckerman writes about Israel, his voice carries. He’s chairman and editor-in-chief of “U.S. News & World Report” and the publisher of the “New York Daily News”.

    His October 17 piece, subtitled “Iran is spinning nuclear centrifuges while spinning the United States,” explicates the nature of the threat to vital U.S. interests:

    “We have major economic interests at stake. A nuclear Iran could well raise oil prices, as described late last year in The Wall Street Journal by former Sen. Charles Robb; Dennis Ross, former special assistant to the secretary of state; and Michael Makovsky, the former director of foreign policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. They estimate that oil prices could rise by 10- 25% in the first year and by as much as 50% w/in 3 years, causing gas prices to jump so dramatically that unemployment in the U.S. would rise by as many as 1.5 million people.

    So neutering Iran’s nuclear menace is deeply in the interest of this country. President Obama has unequivocally ruled out living with a nuclear-armed Iran, but few in the world believe he has the will to stand firm, in part because of his waffling over Syria. Meanwhile Iran basks in domestic stability and feels empowered by its crucial role in Syria.”
    So Zuckerman further suggests:

    “There are things we can do if we do not wish to act ourselves. One is to provide Israel with the bunker-buster bombs capable of destroying the underground facilities. Another is to give Israel air-refueling tankers so they may fly their planes the distance necessary to do the maximum damage.”

    He shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but he does it, anyway:
    “To resolve the crisis, it is critical that the president and Congress convey that they mean business. As the ancient Romans knew, he who wants peace must prepare for war.”

    Read the whole article:

  7. Instead of preparing for war, Obama is undermining our military so rapidily we’ll be in a sorry state when the time comes.

    @Richard, the U.S. has indeed been rock-&-shield for Israel. But Obama is unique: he hates both Israel & the U.S. of A.

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