A look at an Iranian religious leader in Montreal.

The man whipping himself in the video at last years Ashura festival in Montreal (see 1:16 in linked video) has some interesting opinions about how life should be in Canada. The man is the infamous Dr Tabatabai. 

Here is an article where his views become known

Shalom Toronto reported Tuesday that Dr. Tabatabai, who teaches courses in Islamic law at Shiite Islamic Institutions in Montreal, argued in one of his lectures about the justification of Islamic penal code.

There is a significant economic advantage to the application of Muslim law in regards to the amputation of a thief’s hand, as well as the stoning of adulterers, the doctor said.

Here he delivers a lecture about the hijab

(I haven’t watched it. But if there are parts that should be widely seen and someone else wishes to watch it (it is in English after the insane muttering at the start) let me know where in the comments and Ill try and make a version short enough to be watchable)

In this news piece, the same man lies about the Shafia murders claiming they are not islamic. When of course, Reliance of the Traveller quite clearly explains that killing children or Grandchildren who fail to adhere to islam is killing without retribution. Meaning you can do it without islamic punishment, or in tardish words, ‘halal’.

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  1. It’s about “philosophy” of hijab, but philosophy embraces law (e.g. 5:00 & 5:47). There is a good deal of guttural gutter-muttering throughout.

    Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai makes a case for more conservative relations between men and women. This will appeal to many Canadians, now and in the future. Bristling within this Trojan horse, of course, are all the evils of Islam. Which begs the question, Why have these people been allowed to make lives for themselves in Canada, establish their families, their mosques, their businesses, their dynasties?

    Tabatabai portrays Western countries as comprehensively awful, begging the complementary question, Why is Tabatabai living in one?)

    Of course it’s bs from start to finish, but the money quote might be at 46:44. (Basically, Islam stops rape)

    Dr. (of what?) Tabatabai is nothing if not prolific:


    Here are some notes on the philosophy of hijab talk:

    5:00 The affiliation [between men and women] has to be in a proper way, LEGAL way

    5:47 or the attraction will lead to ILLEGAL consequences if there is no control for it (by Sharia)

    15:39 That hijab is a jail for women is propaganda against Islam

    17:09 Why hijab? “First of all we always stress on this point, that we are not supposed to find a cause or philosophy for religious rules or regulations. Why Allah made this obligatory I can answer simply, I don’t know why. Allah is all-knowing” etc.

    17:15 “Why Allah made this obligatory I cannot say why.” Allah is all powerful, we have to obey

    17:56 “we are slaves to Allah”

    18:31 Worship Allah by obedience and complete submission to him

    19:00 Ask-no-questions applies to all Islamic laws and regulations, e.g. halal meat

    19:40 the proof that these are orders from Allah is that they are in the Koran and Hadith. That should convince any atheist. We don’t need always to ask why.

    22:00 non-gender-segregated high school classrooms are unhealthy/illegal

    25:00 his concern for 13/14 year old girls either taking the pill or having abortions

    27:00 promiscuity spreads STDs

    The US spends 25 billion spent to treat Aids every year. Chastity helps the economy.

    30:30 You can’t call Cairo a proper Muslim city. Properly practicing conservative Muslim cities don’t have the STD problem (but no example given of a proper Muslim city offered)

    31:30 – illegitimate children, a problem very great in Western countries.

    34:00 a reason for criminals is that they are not from proper families (“more research on that, I have not had time”)

    37:00 He has not seen beauty of others, only of his wife, and that will strengthen family life

    (Mind growing foggy. Hard to focus. Tabatabai appears to be arguing that if the only woman a man ever sees in his life is his own wife, the man’s mind will not stray to thoughts of other women. Laughably disingenuous argument, of course. See e.g. statistics on consumption of pornography in Muslim countries)

    41:25 hijab is for the benefit of the woman, so that the people know she is religious, will not harm her

    42:00 sexual harassment is widespread in the West

    44:00 hijab minimizes workplace harassment (which is widespread in the West)

    45:00 and the sexual assault and rape prevalent in Western universities

    45:50 What is the solution? Why don’t we see such harassment of women in proper Muslim societies? (as opposed to the corrupt Muslim cities where Muslims are living a Western lifestyle. Again no examples.)

    46:44 “If a Muslim practice Islam in his society, I can say all those effects are not there, or almost negligible ratio is there. You don’t see it, you don’t suffer from it. Hardly you hear about it, in the religious Muslim societies.” (47:06)

    Then he summarizes his main points.

    48:00 Any woman who studies philosophy of hijab, even though she is not a Muslim, she will accept it…. We found ourselves more free than before, women who have accepted Islam say

  2. “Basically, Islam stops rape” by redefining it:

    – If it happens within a marriage, it is legal, therefore not rape.
    – If it happens outside of marriage, the woman’s must be partially guilty – wrong place, wrong time, uncovered meat, not with her owner etc. therefore not rape.
    – If it happens within the family, well, Al’lah made men sexually insateable and unable to control themselves, so well, ok, it could have been rape – but the women is also guilty of illegal sexual relations – not to mention libel (she told someone something about a muslim that the muslim did not want reported.)
    – If it happens at school, the school is responsible for putting all those hormone-infestested boys near attractive girls, segregation must be enforced – not their fault – therefore not rape.
    So all in all, no *real* rape in islam.

    As to the rubbish about contraceptives – his info is about 30 years out of date – there are implants which work for 3 years with no advers effects and no ‘stopping’ every 3 months.

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