News links for Nov 10 2013 – 3

1. Muslim convert tasered by police was heard chanting that he wanted to kill non-Muslims before trying to kill policemen and firefighters in knife rampage

Hours earlier the man had been seen making threats ‘to kill Kuffars’

(Oh good! A new thing the Prime Minister can say has nothing to do with islam)

2. Mark Steyn: The Drift toward Despotism 

(Please read it. Then get the pitchforks and torches)

3. Israel’s PM explains the nature of the very bad deal the US was looking to make with Iran. (Daily Mail article on France’s position)

4.British troops deployed to save Kenyan elephants from illegal slaughter trade that is funding terrorist attacks

British troops have been deployed to save Kenya’s elephants being slaughtered by terrorists for their valuable tusks.

Al Shabaab, a group linked to Al Qaeda, is said to be funding their training and attacks by selling elephant and rhino horns on the Somalian black market – a trade worth £12billion a year.

5. Ottawa Canada: Police investigating two sex assaults aboard taxis

6. Pakistan BANS memoir by Malala, the girl shot by the Taliban for going to school

Education officials in Pakistan have banned the memoir of Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot by the Taliban, from 40,000 schools as she ‘represents the West’.

Thanks UK Pete, M, Fjordman, Miss Trixie, Oz-Rita and all.


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4 Replies to “News links for Nov 10 2013 – 3”

  1. So this chap, like countless Muslims, wants to kill Kuffars, and rape hos women.

    What he does not realize is that when it comes to killing on industrial scales, the West has no equal. Even as he and others like him do individual attacks, the West is destroying Islamic nations ability to feed themselves, as well destroying their infrastructure.

    From Pakistan/ Afghanistan to Libya, we have turned their nations to scrap heaps. The remainder are waiting their turn, and at our mercy.

    Islam prospers only when Islam is expanding, preferably by wars of conquest. That type pf expansion has now ceased. Worse still, the home of Islam, ie dur ul Islam, has drones flying over them, and their is naught they can do about. The only expansion there is, is via immigration, and that can be shut off at the stroke of a pen.

    Muslims here in the West, are reliant that the government will protect them. Western governments have done so, by criminalizing any criticism of Islam. It is a strange situation, when every Western government, no exception, has made it criminal offense to criticize Islam. But Muslims know this cant last.

    If I were a Muslim living in the West, I would be very worried. This strange situation cannot carry on for much longer. Sooner or later, the West is going to turn its attention to what it will see as the “enemy within”. Where do I go then? My home country has had its infrastructure destroyed. There is no safety for myself and my family, as law and order has broken down. I would welcome a Saddam, but the Americans would not allow it. Where do I go with my family?

    Muslims are caught in a very terrible dilemma. Islam has no provision for a state when Islam is not just on the defensive abroad, but is being defeated and harried within its own realm.

    Time is not on the side of Islam. They have taken on an enemy whose vigour and appetite for total victory, has no parallel in history. The West will not be satisfied with just a military victory – it never has been. Besides, military victory has already been achieved. Islam has no provision for an enemy of the likes of the West, except Taqqiya, and now everyone knows about Taqqiya.

    I have often wondered if the Koran is a byproduct of the Arab mind, or vice versa. One can make a case that in a nomadic tribal society, where rape, loot, immediate arbitrary “justice”, vendettas etc are the norm, then any ideology that codifies such practices, is a step forward. But it will not pass muster in present day West.

    In some ways I pity the vast majority of Muslims. They have been caught by an ideology that is suitable only for nomadic tribal groups.

    Be kind to reasonable Muslims. I know we will win big, and therefore we must be magnanimous and kind.

  2. Such optimism is a rare treat, DP111, and I believe you’re correct.
    When they can’t even pull together in Syria, & they revert so quickly to cannibalism – both literal & figurative – they’re doomed to a quick, bloody defeat.

    Too bad the cost will be so high for the rest of us.

  3. #1 Government makes a great servent but a poor master, we have let the government get to big and powerful, they now think they are the masters and not the servants.

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