News links for Nov 9 2013 – 1

1. Typhoon kills 1000 people in The Philippines

(Let’s hope they were all MILF)

2. Gang steals and gang-rapes a dog in Germany. 

3. The media has finally stopped using pictures of Omar Khadr as a 12 year old. (Comments are revealing)

4. Morsi supporters throwing rocks at funeral

5. In Abu Dhabi a Farmers Daughter joke can get everyone stoned to death.

6. Another fine example of Somali enrichment to our shores.

7. Multicultural Sweden explodes in violence

the population has grown by 16.2 percent, violent crime has gone up by 320 percent.

Every week we read in the mainstream media about murders, robberies, rapes and other serious crimes. Nevertheless criminologists insist that there is no increase in crime. In fact, they maintain that it is subsiding.!1blLgstEvlXoo/

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But from the homepage of the Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande Rådet, Brå) you can generate your own statistics on the number of reported crimes. Interestingly, the statistics start in 1975. If one looks at the whole period from 1975 to 2012, a completely different picture emerges than the one we are usually presented with. It turns out that the criminologists are lying and that the number of violent crimes has not only increased but completely exploded.


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  1. Bulgaria: Bulgarians protest against mosque

    Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Bulgarian town of Korlovo on Saturday to protest the possible re-establishment of an old mosque. The proposal was made to re-open the mosque and return it to the Chief Mufti.

    Mayor Emil Kabaivanov attended the protest and spoke against the proposal.

    The mosque stands next to the home of Vasil Levski, founder of the Bulgaria’s International Revolutionary Organisation and a national hero who planned a revolutionary movement to free Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.

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