He Abuses Nine Women Within A Few Hours

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

by Christoph Albrecht /ofu – An asylum seeker appears in Bernese court (Switzerland) for having attacked nine women and having forced some of them with sexual acts in May 2012. He faces 9 ½ years in prison.

In May 2012, a 22 year old Moroccan, armed with a scissors, got into the apartment of a Bernese in the early morning. He lowered his trousers and forced her to perform oral sex in the presence of the victim’s daughter, a minor.

Luckily, he was arrested a little later by the police. It was proven that this attack was not the only one committed by the asylum seeker. In the space of a few hours, the defendant had attacked eight other women. One of them was forced with sexual acts. He threatened her with a broken glass bottle. “My client suffers from psychological problems since this attack. She also had to stop her studies,” claimed the victim’s lawyer on Wednesday. The defendant also pushed another Bernese in the Aare River (Switzerland) when the water temperature was below 10 degrees (centigrade).

Questioned, the Moroccan remembers only one of the attacks. “I was drunk”, he justified it. However, his blood alcohol content rose by only .58 during his arrest. The prosecutor requested 9 ½ years of prison. The verdict awaits Monday.

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4 Replies to “He Abuses Nine Women Within A Few Hours”

  1. In some US states this dirtbag inbred mutant would get multiple sentences one for each crime, and would serve time w/ the rest of the verminous sex offenders. It boggles one,s mind hearing of these light and easy sentences in some countries.

  2. Looks like Switzerland is as useless as the UK with it’s punishments. We really must get our governments changed so that they actually are the people working for the people, not the rich working only for the rich.

  3. Always remember the left wants to be the Nobles and Royals in a new feudal system, all of their fast talk can’t change this fact.

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