Rape in Mureaux: The young girl has lied.

An original Translation by Oz-Rita

From Le Figaro

A veiled 17 y.o. girl who had alleged having been the victim of rape on 30 September in Mureaux (Yvelines) has confessed to lying to the investigators, according to a police source.

The young girl had declared having been attacked during the late afternoon by 3 men, while on her way home via the park of Becheville. According to her statements, the first had ripped off her islamic headscarf, and pulled her by the hair, before pinning her to the ground while his two accomplices raped her.

During subsequent hearings, she had also indicated having been victim of a second sexual aggression in the train a month later. The police source said that the adolescent had confessed during one of the hearings, that she had lied about both cases in order to appear more important vis-à-vis of the others.


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11 Replies to “Rape in Mureaux: The young girl has lied.”

  1. Given the epidemic of rapes in all Western countries by Muslims or Africans, it does not surprise me that this Muslima was trying to even up the score, and thus make it appear that rape was not just being perpetrated by Muslims.

    The question is, who put her up to it?

  2. These ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ possibly got the notion to become ‘victims’ from the model displayed by the liberal leftists in the US, where victimhood is a way of life.

  3. Was a medical examination made? Was she pressured to change her story to repair the family’s honour? Or did she actually lie? Hard to tell.

  4. Richard

    When it became known that Muslims were vandalising churches all over Europe, Muslims responded not by preaching in mosques against this barbaric practice, but by my minor graffiti on their own mosques, like shown here


    Scroll down to the last pic.

    This is a vile nature of Muslims, brought on by the Koran. There MO is not to descalate but to escalate any conflict they themselves start.

    They don’t seem to realize even now, that they are losing big time.

    I have often wondered if the Koran is a byproduct of the Arab mind, or vice versa. One can make a case that in a nomadic tribal society, where rape, loot, immediate arbitrary “justice”, vendettas etc are the norm, then any ideology that codifies such practices, is a step forward.

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