News links for Nov 8 2013 – 3

1. muslim Brotherhood supporters doing what they do best. Burning, destroying, creating chaos.

2. There are indications that far left party, ‘Golden Dawn’ is in first place in Greece should an election be held now.

3. Could ‘Super Capacitors’ be the energy storage device we have been waiting for that really will solve massive energy problems and make things like wind etc. much more practical?

4. There is one good thing about Iran though

5. Calgary Muslim Defends Speaking Gig By Hate Filled Fellow Islamist – Calling For Death To Gays Just A Difference of Opinion

(Please click over. The deceitful veneer that there is a difference between islam and some mythical ‘islamism’ is wearing then and the truth is beginning to show through. Please let’s  make sure everyone sees it)

6. Russian report says no support for Arafat claim

7. This looks like the first practical 3D printer so far.









8. UN concerned with polio outbreak in Syria

Thank you Don L, M, Fjordman, UK Pete and everyone who sent in material.

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  1. #2: @ Eeyore: You hit the core of matters sooooooooooooo brilliantly, but also with such an anglo subtlety and discretion, that these pearls might get lost, unless someone more heavy handed like myself underlines them, e.g. here:

    “…the far L E F T party “Golden Dawn”

    YES 🙂 their jew-hatred certainly puts them on the Left: far and near !

  2. #4. LOL

    #6. The russian report is probably the only one telling the pravda!

    If anyone poisoned this rapist of little boys, it would have been his rapacious widow who ever since has parked her fat arse on the billions arafat stole from the Palestenian people, in Paris. And those who approve of his practices, by ignorance, stupidity or malignancy are still carrying his trademark scarf? How daggy, how ugly, how “soooooooooooooo-past-its-useby-date”. They even sell those scarfs in the 2 Dollar shops.

    Arafat was one of the nastiest pieces of work – if only someone would have poisoned him before he died (probably of AIDS and after infecting how many young boys?), it would have saved some lives.

    Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh hmmmpffff.

    // end of rant.

  3. @ #3, There is a lot of raving over the super caps, but they’re not a replacement for batteries as of yet. Instead they bridge the gap between true capacitors and batteries. They have much more capacity than a regular plate capacitor, but the internal resistance is much higher, so they are not so good at supplying impulse current. The newer ones are sort of a hybrid between batteries and capacitors, so they are very good for supplying high transient loads. Good uses for them would be improving the efficiency of electric cars by supplying short bursts of current for acceleration so the load on the rest of the system is more constant. However due to the very small charge separations employed, they typically do not tolerate more than a few volts per capacitor, and higher voltages require using them in large banks. Also, when compared to an actual battery, they fall way short. For instance, a car battery has the equivalent of 30,000-50,000 Farad of charge in it. Current banked capacitors in similar voltage range and size are limited to around 500-1000 Farads. Not to poo-poo them as that’s still a fuckoff SHITLOAD of current that can be pulled at a few thousand amps, but in terms of raw storage even the older battery technologies still store a lot more energy.

  4. rita,

    No, it wasn’t lost on those paying attention. Golden Dawn are far left, irrespective of what the mainstream media call them.

  5. #8 This is really pretty simple. As long as there is evil governments bad things like starvation, disease, genocide, and other forms of oppression will occur.

    Unless you get rid of those governments, anything you do is merely a harm reduction strategy. that is putting band aid on it. The left is very good at this.

    Refugees are not necessarily salt of the earth, good at heart people. they merely might be the losers of a fight to install a bad regime. Inviting them in with their poor ways of doing things accomplishes nothing except spreading a social virus.

  6. #2 Out side of the regular refusal to acknowledge that the Fascists are part of the Marxists family the story was interesting since it shows what is probably the future form most European nations. The big difference between Greece and the neo Nazi revival in Germany is that the Greeks hate the Moslems while the Germans are welcoming them.

  7. The three d printing of a metal working 1911 is interesting remember 3D printing is in its infancy, 10 to 20 years from now they will be much better and much cheaper.

    The polio in Syria comes about 10 or so days after al Qaeda raided the bio weapons lab in Syria, I wonder what other germs or viruses were in the lab?

  8. ABU DHABI – Woman, 2 men charged with committing adultery

    DNA evidence does not conclusively link woman to male defendants

    Abu Dhabi: A woman and two men have been charged with committing adultery within the premises of a farm in Abu Dhabi although DNA tests have not conclusive, the Criminal Court of First Instance heard.

    According to Dr Iman Al Jaberi who is representing the divorced female defendant, the woman claims to have been invited by a watchman who was on-duty at the time.

    “I was looking for a job when he [the watchman] called me at around 3pm. When I went there, several workers surrounded me and then the owner’s brother walked in on us and reported us to the police,” she said.

    When the authorities arrived at the scene, many of the men had fled except for three who were arrested and charged with committing adultery. “Two semen samples had been obtained from the women but the results do not confirm that they belong to the two men,” Al Jaberi said.

    One of the three men was acquitted.

    The farm owner’s brother who had initially alleged seeing the defendants involved in sexual activities with the woman, later changed his testimony while under oath.

    Similarly, the watchman whom the woman claims had let her enter the premises, therefore deeming her not guilty of trespassing, later denied that he had done such a thing at the Public Prosecutor’s office.

    The case has been adjourned.

  9. ARAB EMIRATES – 45% of abused kids victims of relatives in UAE

    Study shows boys more vulnerable than girls

    Relatives are the main culprits in molestation crimes in the UAE as an average 45 per cent of the abused children are victims of family members, according to a study.

    The study, presented to a child care seminar in Dubai this week, found that boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse in the UAE and warned that such crimes against handicapped children will only block their integration into the community.

    Presenting the study, Dr Mamdouh Mukhtar, a well-known psychiatrist who works as adviser to Dubai Police and Sharjah Higher Family Council, said his findings were a result of a survey in 18 schools in Dubai and it covered the 6-12 years age group.

    “The survey revealed important facts, which showed that boys are subject to molestation more than girls,” he said.

    “It also showed that nearly 45 per cent of the molested children were victims of their relatives, including uncles and other family members.

    “Some of them are also victims to maids at their homes. “The study also showed that around two per cent of children normally suffer from depression compared to five per cent for adults.

    “But nearly seven per cent of molested children have depression, more than the adults.”

    Dr Mukhtar some of the molested children are handicapped, adding that such crimes are only “killing their hopes of integrating in the community”.

    “These children then start to suffer from isolation while some of them start to become violent or suffer from fear at night

    The problem is that most of the children can become molesters when they grow up.”

  10. #2 TURANISM
    Here’s another one far, far out in L E F T- field: Gabor Vona & the Jobbik Party of Hungary.

    Vona is sold on Islam, calls it the “last hope of humanity” to save us from twin evils of liberalism & globalism.

    For sure Islam’ll make short work of damnable liberal nonsense. Too many mouths to feed, you want Birth Control?! Stop all this Western immunization voodoo & good old-fashioned infant mortality makes short work of that! Look at Syria, already rolling back centuries of decadent Jew-medicine.

    The real fun starts here, where minds meet:
    — But Gabor, darling, Islam is nothing if not globalism writ large, the Universal Caliphate, ya know?
    I see. You’ve got lots of Muslim friends, one of the witnesses to your wedding was a Palestinian. Wow, that’s soooo special!

    — Let’s see if I understand. By integrating “the profound Eastern approach”, the “Asian mentality” together with “some European countries” we’ll “create synergies instead of tensions.” Uh huh.

    — Honey, translating philosophy is always challenging, exponentially so when your mother-tongue is Hongarian. Could you be thinking “Asian” as in China or Japan? The yin-yang thing? Ah so… that might work…

    — No? You mean Russia, Turkey, & Hungary?? May I quote you?

    “Hungarians are awakening! This is our common mission and the universal task of Turanism: to build a bridge between East and West, Muslim and Christian and struggle together for a better world.”

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