News links for Nov 8 2013 – 2

1. USA: Police: Man attacks relative in suspected anti-gay hate crime

Ahmed Mohammed Tuma, 5312 Tipperary Trail, and a friend went to the woman’s home near 27th and O streets about 5 to confront her about being engaged to a woman, said Officer Katie Flood.

“He feels this is a disgrace upon their family,” Flood said. Police believe religion motivated Tuma, who is Muslim, Flood said.

2. Tehran TV documentary tells how to attack Israel

3. US offers short-term nuclear deal allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium

4. More on how it is somehow racist to mock people who want to utterly destroy America and Americans.

Blazing Cat fur has this to say

5. Palestinian refugees from Syria being held longer at Lampedusa. For some reason. 🙂

6. Video of the Russians landing on the Greenpeace boat by helicopter

7. Imagine the following trial had the races reversed and a white man brutally raped and murdered an attractive black women and her two children. Think it would make major national news?

8. Tommy Robinson on CBN:

9. Andrew Bostom presentation on Islam and the Jews. (This is a 98 minute video)

10. What happens in the UK when you don’t know you are a Dhimmi

Thank you M, Fjordman, Andrew Bostom,

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6 Replies to “News links for Nov 8 2013 – 2”

  1. 10/ Dhimmification at its dhimmiest. The woman is an immigrant, non-Anglo-Saxon, has a Muslim husband, speaks Arabic, speaks in praise of a Muslim, and all of this cannot save her from being convicted of the crime of uttering words perceived by a Muslim to be offensive to Muslims or Islam. Has England touched bottom yet, or are there still levels to come? I suppose they could plant her up to her neck in mud beside the Thames and throw stones at her head. (“Wear sensible shoes, and don’t forget to bring a bag for historical finds, a mediaeval roof tile, an Elizabethan clay pipe, something Roman perhaps…”)

    Good to see more attention focused on the dangers of Heathrow Airport.

  2. #4. Expecting

    1.Obama to comment any minute like so: “This guy sitting under the (toy) guns, could have been me”

    2, the peri-menopausal hag who is queasily defending Osame to don a chador in the forceable future.

    3. Introduction of Death penalty for humour on campus.

    #7. “…Imagine the following trial had the races reversed and a white man brutally raped and murdered an attractive black women and her two children. …”

    Obama would have commented: “these victims could have been my wife and my daughters” or words to that effect.

    #8. HERO !

  3. #4: Does that mean they will also be banning any Bonnie & Clyde costums? How about Al Capone? Keystone Kops? Or is it (again) only the muslims who are allowed to be insulted when their gangsters are ridiculed?

  4. 9/ Dr. Bostom repays listening as always. Here he demonstrates with copious documentation the historical consistency of Muslim hatred and persecution of Jews, and its foundation in canonical Islamic texts and “scholarship.” Includes a selection of clips mostly from MEMRI of Muslims spewing the usual Muslim filth. Around 1:24 Bostom touches on what I believe is more recent work on Sharia in Iran. He was on Trentovision a few days ago talking in detail about this. He is not optimistic about what ordinary Iranians want for their future.

    At the end of the Q&A he observes that the indoctrination of American youth is terrifying.

    The background noise settles down after the first 10 minutes or so, soon after the talk itself gets going.

  5. #3 I had heard that Kerry was working and deal and there was a breakthrough. But considering it was Kerry I knew it would be a bad deal.

    He did not disappoint.

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