News links for Nov 6 2013 – 5

1. New Hypersonic Spy Plane Being Developed by Lockheed Martin

(The SR71 Blackbird was always a thing of great beauty and majesty. I am glad to see it being revived)

2. Egyptian court maintains ban on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood

3. How migrants from outside Europe leave a £100billion hole in the public purse: Amount taken in benefits and services is 14% higher than money put back

But migrants from East and West Europe are a net benefit to Exchequer

4. Why Did so Many Wanted Nazis Convert to Islam?

Brunner is, in fact, only the best known of a number of Nazi officials who participated in the construction of of the Islamic regimes and who died in those lands after converting to Islam.

5. School defends HISTORY textbook that calls the pirate Mohamed, “God’s messenger” (When in fact, historically speaking, he was a mass murderer and pirate and rapist and pedophile.)


Thank you Fjordman, Ox AO UK pete and M and all who sent in material. There is more to come. 

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4 Replies to “News links for Nov 6 2013 – 5”

  1. re: SR 72

    “Hypersonic is the new stealth,” Leland told Reuters. “Your adversaries cannot hide or move their critical assets. They will be found. That becomes a game-changer.”

    I’m not sure It will be a game changer.

    First, it will still be vulnerable to missiles. It will be visible far quicker from ground based and space based radar systems, as it needs to fly at higher altitudes. Its hyper speed will reduce its ability to perform rapid attitude changes – all these increase its vulnerability.

    More likely is that Lockheed see it as a money attractor for research, which will have other benefits. As for the armed forces, the top brass has always liked BIG weapons systems, at the expense of those which actually work on the field. This has several advantage- for procurement departments both in the military and industry, as well congress.

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