News links for Nov 6 2013 – 4

1. While muslim women are beating the crap out of Jewish men for asking a question, muslim women are simultaneously claiming that it is dangerous for them to walk the streets in a hijab. At least that is the CBC story.

2. Unspecified threat cancels debate on high school text book in Florida where Islam gets a chapter and no other religion is included. Actual tard-prayer takes place in front of the school.

2b. Here is an other article on the islamic text book in the USA issue.

3. UK: Controls on dangerous fanatics to be lifted within weeks in new terror fiasco

4. Living in fear in Syrian towns run now by Al-Qaeda. Torture, murder, horror. (Video at link)

5. Canadian doctors reject virginity testing

(Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave 21st century technology to primitive, hate filled savages that think of women as having no autonomy? Think about this, then Iran getting the bomb, then Star Trek’s ‘Prime Directive’ and it begins to make sense)

DW: The research on virginity testing you conducted at the University of Montreal has led the Quebec college of physicians to declare that doctors should not perform these “outrageous and repugnant” tests. What prompted this research?

Marie-Eve Bouthillier: We were called by a nurse who works at a school. She said that the family of one of the girls at the school she worked at had taken their daughter to an emergency clinic. They wanted to get the girl a virginity test and a certificate. She had gone to a party where there was alcohol and so the father was afraid that she was not a virgin anymore.


Thank you M, Fjordman, UK Pete and everyone for spreading the word.

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  1. Anti-Jewish and Anti-ZIonist Hungarian Far-Right Leader Gábor Vona, in Turkey :

    « Islam humanity’s last hope in the darkness of globalism and liberalism. Vona has also revealed that his personal life was also influenced by Islam as he has many Muslim colleagues and friends, and one of his wedding witnesses was a young Palestinian man

    video ( in Turkish + Hungarian )

  2. That was a creepy statement from a anglo-muslim stating: “education is the key to a diverse and free society”

    I have to give Islam credit they know how to get people on their side.

  3. From the text book:
    “Jihad may be interpreted as a holy war to defend Islam and the Muslim community, much like the Crusades to defend Christianity,”

    Jihad is from the sword verse to fight non-muslims until they submit. Crusaders wanted free passage to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. How is that the same?

  4. There is more here:

    Shabbir Mansuri, is listed as an academic reviewer on the textbook used in Brevard County.

    “For the past 11 years, Mansuri has waged what he calls a ‘bloodless’ revolution: promoting an increased emphasis on world cultures and faiths – including Islam – inside American junior high and high school campuses,” the newspaper reported.

    It looks like Mansuri has been promoting his book for a long time for $120 each at amazon.

    Here is another article was written in 2004

  5. #5 Surgical hymen reconstruction is the second most popular surgery in Montreal. Good grief.

    According to a surgeon in a Nov. 18 2008 Montreal Gazette article, “It’s not a widespread practice – it’s very marginal.”

    5 years later, it’s the city’s second most common surgery?

    “Typically, the patient is a young woman with a Middle Eastern or North African name, probably Muslim…”

    (Although of course Alia Hogben, of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, says it “has nothing to do with religion, least of all Islam.”)

    In 2008 it cost $1,500 and wasn’t covered by Medicare.

    Is it covered in 2013? It does sound like these women are getting their virginity checked at taxpayer expense. Of course all that indispensable medical ethicism will be on the public dime:

    “We need to provide more education about this, so we are going to do more research…”

    “We have no quantitative research. I think we need more research….”

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