EDL member arrested for wearing a burka

England’s new motto should read:

‘One law for me, and another for thee’.

In the UK if a man decides to pretend he is a woman everyone else has to go along with him even to the extent of letting him use women’s public bathrooms etc. But an EDL member wearing a burka? No way. That is reserved for the privileged class of people who are under surveillance and escape it by putting one on at a mosque and buggering off.

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  1. The UK is definitely headed for civil war very soon. It is now a Muslim Sharia police state…


    Meanwhile the Ruskis are leading the way for the Free World! : http://www.timeslive.co.za/world/2013/11/04/10-000-russians-join-annual-anti-muslim-pride-march

  2. Let them try arresting a few hundred men wearing the burka. This makes a mockery of the law
    Muslim woman have worn the burka at demonstrations with no action. This is not equality!!!!

  3. I pity the pol.ice. They are doing what they have been ordered to by the Home Secretary.

    But the “burqa” will come off soon, so to speak. The whole situation in the UK and France, and the logic it is based on, is becoming impossible to sustain. Mental dissonance will set in ,and the wraps or burqa, will come off.

    I’m sure Muslims are watching all this in mosques, and getting worried that their honeymoon period is coming to an end.

  4. This means all Muslim women wearing a burka in public are in breach of section 60 and should be arrested immediately. I would advise people to make full use of there right to make a citizens arrest if they witness a crime being committed.

  5. This is funny. People get worked up over nothing. Chill out and stop your moaning. Yeh their Muslims and they moved to the U.K to get away from their homeland which me and my fellow brothers in arms have been fucking up for years by order of the Crown. Shit happens. No one gave a shit until one of my own was killed in the street by a Muslim “extremist”. Extremist. Not just a normal peaceful Muslim. An “extremist”. I’ve witnessed man being called a Paki Terrorist on the train. He was from India and a Hindu. I witnessed a old man being beaten in London for being a “terrorist” He was a Buddhist teacher. I’m Buddhist. does that mean to all the thug EDL out there that I’m a terrorist?

  6. Fuck off you EDL idiots! You are an embarrassment to your nation! You know the ratio of soldiers in your Army that support you? 1 in 10. That’s 1 in 10 dickheads. you do nothing but make things worse for us boys in Afghanistan.

  7. Commonsense will dictate the ever increased Musilimization of this once great land, as regards the in brackets Soldiers over seas comments Bollocks 1- 10 you must live in cloud cuckoo land!!!! we are all rightly sick of this offensive repression of public views by the mass media and politically controlled policing of our own people so as to make it easier for the Muslims to take over.

  8. Ross the entire west is rapidly building to civil wars in most of the nations.

    Wanna bet the two supposed soldiers never served a day in their lifes?

  9. Richard

    No, wont accept the bet.

    The two comments are quite likely to be the same person, very possibly a Muslim. The reason being that he is more upset that our soldiers are in Afghanistan then the continuing dissolution of the UK or US.

    Its a very common tactic by Muslims to pretend to be Jewish, Christian, or a convert to Islam from Christianity,to show that he made a reasoned choice for Islam.

  10. Fake soldiers above. Any rational soldier that has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and seen the shit muslims do would back the EDL.

  11. Quote: I’ve witnessed man being called a Paki Terrorist on the train. He was from India and a Hindu. I witnessed a old man being beaten in London for being a “terrorist” He was a Buddhist teacher. I’m Buddhist. does that mean to all the thug EDL out there that I’m a terrorist?

    Was this “active duty soldier” a policeman on duty as well, when he witnessed the alleged beating?

    He claims to be a Buddhist – of course he claims this, as Buddhism is supposedly a non-violent religion, and thus distances him from Islam, thus making hos comments appear impartial.

    So here we have an active duty soldier in the US and UK armed forces at the same time, as well as a n active policeman, and to wrap it up, he is a Buddhist.

    If he has been to Afghanistan, then as a Buddhist he should know that Islam annihilated Buddhists and Buddhism in that country, even to the extent of wiping out any overt signs that Buddhism ever existed in Afghanistan. Such is the menace of Islam.

    The tragedy for Muslims is that they lie (Taqqiya), even when there is no reason to lie. That is tragedy of all liars. For a Muslim this becomes worse, as his cult allows lying in the cause of his cult.



    Are you the same from old LGF days?

  12. Yep the leftist trolls are testing the waters trying out their multiple personalities to see how much crap will be tolerated.I used to have loads of these shysters on my Youtube site.They think their lies are some kind of credit to their leftist radical dogma.Any lie, any atrocity is acceptable for the cause.
    No different from their genocidal communist brothers over the past century.Any ideology that can be responsible for the deaths of 100 million+ and yet supposedly the “friend” of the poor and the champion of equality is totally and utterly evil.They could become a genocidal religion……..oh …they already have!

  13. What about gays and radical leftists wearing nun’s habits and pope hats at rallies and parades?

    Why aren’t they arrested?

  14. so you find a news story about a stupid girl burning the Koran that is 3 years old and decide to re hash it… she was wrong to do that… same as the Israeli MP was wrong to film himself destroying a Christian Bible… same as anyone who did burn poppies… same as the idiot student who pissed up a war memorial… same as the people trying to stir up hatred using the same old news stories… how about you find something that is a bit newer… or even worth saying…

  15. Whether or not she was ‘wrong’ to do that is a debatable point but not the one of the post. What does matter, is that it is an offense in the UK for which you can be arrested, tried and jailed. Freedom of expression demands that one be allowed to burn a koran. The fact that it is a fetish object for believing muslims must not require me or anyone else to treat it as anything other than a stack of paper and ink.

    The issue is one of normalizing sharia values within our own democracies. If you want to play games of moral equivalence with respect to our symbols and enemy ones, and make no mistake the koran is the instruction manual of the enemy no less than Hitler’s book was, then do so. But I will take the right to burn Mien Kampf or the koran should it meet my rhetorical needs. Arresting people for doing so is totalitarian. Perhaps so is the poppy burning thing although urinating in public is likely its own crime.

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