For Luc Ferry, radical Islam is the equivalent of Nazism of the 30ies

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from Europe 1

For Luc Ferry, radical Islam is the equivalent of Nazism of the 30ies.

This is what Luc Ferry affirms on 4. November (in a French TV interview). The former minister reacts to the murder in Mali of 2 French Journalists of Radio France International. (RFI)

L’ancien ministre de l’Education nationale prend soin de faire la distinction avec la religion musulmane. Mais Luc Ferry compare l’idéologie hitlérienne et les fondamentalistes islamistes :

The former Minister of Education is careful to make the distinction with islam. But Luc Ferry compares Hitler’s ideology with the one of fundamental islamists.

“The problem is the fight against something which represents today somewhat the equivalent of Nazism of times past. Of course, I do not mean the religion of muslims”.

To justify this paralell, the philosopher lists following elements of comparaison:

“It’s comparable with anti-semitism, a kind of absolute contempt of individuals, of people, of human life. In its kind it is as cruel as the Nazism of the 30ies could be. (…)

It is at the same time antisemitism and communotarianism, it has contempt for the individual. Once more, I am speaking of fundamentalist islamists, of course I do not mean the religion of muslims. The koran is a very beautiful text, I am not speaking of that.”

Luc Ferry, prophetically, indicates that this could possibly lead to a 3rd World War.

“It’s a little the third world war, we have to take it like this. It’s a global problem, it’s very serious.

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25 Replies to “For Luc Ferry, radical Islam is the equivalent of Nazism of the 30ies”

  1. The Quran IS NOT a very beautiful text. It is an endless string of violent threats against those who do not agree with it’s author.

  2. Islamism is worse than Nazism – much worse. The regular Wehrmacht soldier was just a guy doing his job and not necessarilly a Nazi. He could go home at the end ohe day, close the door an forgt all about it ovr a quiet drink with his family. For Islamists – their delusionary ideology is goading them 24/7/365 . And not let up in the afterlife.

  3. Shut up, idiot. There is only one Islam and it is fools like you that are giving it cover. How fucking stupid can you get. Pathetic.

  4. Islam and Islamism are one and the same. Any claimed distinction between Islam and Radical Islam is a false dichotomy. Islam itself is radical and has been since its stillborn origins.

    Islam was always intended to be a denial of the divinity of Christ and thus a denial of life itself. Islam. the totalitarian ideology is evil incarnate.

  5. What worries me is that Luc Ferry was a minister in a CONSERVATIVE Government (Chirac), and yet he feels obliged to quickly (lest they might call him an Islamophobe) protest that “the Koran is a beautiful text”! He will be called an extreeeeeme Right wing or whatever anyway, in the socialist, islamised, cowardly, gone to the dogs France of today.

    Yes, I fully agree with Ferret: the koran is NOT ‘a “beautiful text”. But what hope have we got, when “conservative” (ex) ministers go to water like that !!

    In Australia, a conservative government has just come to power – it won convincingly! And one of the real worries for the REAL people of Australia was the encroaching islamification, the running of the Drug trade and other organised crimes by “middle eastern gangs” (we have shootings daily in Sydney by this pack), the near out of control muslim invasion by illegal entry under the former left government and the Greens, ably assisted by islamic Indonesia – yet, in his first interview with one of our few courageous journalists, Andrew Bolt , our new CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister refused to name the beast by its name – he didn’t want to make a certain “ethnicity” uncomfortable.

    In France under Sarkozy – the CONSERVATIVE president – the muslim invasion was also accommodated.

    We expect this from the corrupt, pathologically islamophile Left, but the so-called CONSERVATIVES????


    And now I step down from my soap box and apologise for venting like that, I got carried away a little;)

  6. Madness. The guy sounds like he hasn’t got his faculties intact.

    “I am speaking of fundamentalist islamists, of course I do not mean the religion of muslims. The koran is a very beautiful text, I am not speaking of that.”

    He is either pig ignorant and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he is too coward to admit that French politprops just like him caused this monumental disaster.

    Mass-immigration from Islamic countries must be reversed, and (he knows) that it will cause rivers of blood.

    Where does he think the ‘fundamentalist islam” comes from, if not from the Koran, that “beautiful text?”

  7. I am not attempting to vantriloquise the author of the article linked above, but I can say with some certainty that many main stream publications will never publish anything critical of islam in any way unless you make one of the usual boring and clearly untrue disclaimers. There is a great article by Sam Harris on this about how when he wrote, ‘End of Faith’ his publisher made him trash all the other religions ‘equally’ or they wouldn’t touch his book as it would piss of so many muslims.

    So when they say crap like that, its almost a kind of code journalists use to let us know what they know. Much like when they call a herd of rioting 40 year old savages ‘youths’.

  8. If one has an honest appreciation of the darwinian principles of life and a sufficient first hand street knowledge of muslims, one knows there is no such thing as “radical” islam.

  9. To draw an analogy the difference between radical Nazism and moderate Nazism might be the ability to ignore millions of people being transported in cattle cars to suspiciously isolated locations and the trains then returning empty.Perhaps the moderates drove the trains and fixed the tracks and otherwise facilitated the journey.I wonder if a “moderate islam” would be different?
    I wonder if anyone would defend the infidels?
    The answer is in the news everyday……..

    Daily list of terror attacks here………..

  10. An aside, footnote:
    Renaissance Spain was a society terrorized as a whole by the Inquisition. It was necessary to couch anything remotely critical of a poisoned system.

    Since the Edict of Expulsion came into effect in 1492, there were no ‘Jews’ left from the 15th century on. So the putative targets were “conversos” — descendants of true-or-false converts from Judaism, or sympathizers, or people “like them”.

    PC? Taking a bath on Friday or an allergy to shellfish could be fatal. We’re talking about informants everywhere, secret police, random names drawn from torture chambers. Not only could you & yours lose everything, the bones of your forefathers would be exhumed, burned, scattered.

    Timid, modest criticism in this hell had to be couched in what Eeyore calls “boring and clearly untrue disclaimers” against those demon “conversos”.

    It took several decades for all the ritual condemnations of those wicked “conversos” to be transformed brilliantly into the artistic satire, poignant tragedy, and mystical transcendence that characterizes the Golden Age of Spain.

    • Islam is not just a pleonasm, it is a neoplasm as well.
      Definitioins: Pleonasm: a. The use of more words than are required to express an idea; redundancy. b. An instance of pleonasm. 2. A superfluous word or phrase.

      Neoplasm: a new and abnormal growth of tissue in some part of the body, esp. as a characteristic of cancer.

      The metaphors, the metaphors.

  11. Luc Ferry mis-states & overstates the comparsion, but, “There are Nazi grafts in Arab-Islamic terrorism.”

    Yesterday’s “Arutz Sheva” via Elder of Zyion: Op-Ed: Why Did so Many Wanted Nazis Convert to Islam?
    One of the leaders of the “Jewish Affairs” in Galicia, Altern Erich, converted to Islam and took the name of “Ali Bella” in Egypt, where he trained Palestinian terrorists.

    Leopold Gleim was known through his original name as a head of the Gestapo in Poland, but became “Ali al- Nahar” at the service of the Egyptian dictator Nasser.

    Oskar Dirlewanger, after killing tens of thousands of Jews in the Ukraine, became the bodyguard of the Egyptian dictator. Dr. Heinrich Willerman, famous for some of the most atrocious experiments at Dachau, and directed the terrorist “Camp Samarra” in Egypt.

    After having “liquidated” the Warsaw ghetto, Kurt Baurnann joined the Ministry of War in Cairo and trained the Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
    The head of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf, Joachim Daemling, went to work at the Egyptian prison system.

    Even François Genoud, the famous banker of Nazism, testamentary heir of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, used the war treasure of the Reich to finance the Arab- Muslim anti-Jewish causes, and in 1959, gave birth to “International Association of Friends of the Arab World”.
    Walter Rauff, who invented the “gas vans” which killed at 97,000 Jews during the Holocaust, in 1948 tortured Jews in Damascus.

    Boeckler Wilhelm became “Abd al Karim”, the SS Wilhelm Berner instructed Palestinian terrorists, the SS Gruppenführer Alois Moser became “Hassan Sulayman”.

    In Cairo lived Hans Eisele, “Dr. Eisele”, who in Dachau became notorious for torturing prisoners with injections of cyanide. Even Otto Skorzeny, the SS commander who freed Mussolini from his prison on the Gran Sasso, lived in Cairo, where he perfected the Intelligence Services of Nasser’s regime.”

    Read the whole thing:

  12. We in the west take our rights and freedom for granted, those of us willing to look at what is happening realize we are in the opening stages of a war of survival, one that will engulf the entire world and will require massive sacrifices by all Western nations if we are to regain our freedom.

  13. Why, if it is so awful to live among Catholics in Spain did the Jews do so?

    It’s not a hard question, the Jewish population was never gonna achieve majority status in any principality, so why bother sticking around? It was never a Jewish homeland.

  14. Could it be that the Catholics had seen quite enough of Jewish behaviour from the time the Muslims swept in to the time that the Muslims were finally kicked out that the Jews were a Semitic fifth column?

    Even once they were ejected they all seem to have washed up in places like Recife, Sao Tome, Suriname, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Curaçao and pioneering the new Atlantic slave trade.

    Do you really carry that big a chip on your shoulder? next you’ll be bitching about Edward I.

  15. LMAO

    Islam is a fundamentally evil and very beautiful religion.

    Reichsführer SS Himmler was an evil bastard, but his Hugo Boss uniform was classy.

  16. Dan, the chronology doesn’t work. Other places, dates your comments might be considered as general trends. But that’s not at all what I was talking about.

    “La Reconquista” is quite specific: 1492.
    Prior to 1492 there were assorted, autonomous states. Alliances were in constant flux, shifting irrespective of religious confession. Within the enclaves there was considerable “convivencia” – peaceful co-existence of the 3 faiths. I use the Spanish term, because it’s much abused by Eurabians today.

    The 2 biggest states were united when Ferdinand of Aragon married Isabella of Castille. A national idea was needed to pull all the pieces together. Voila! Make it Catholicism! [This despite that fact that King Ferdinand himself had a Jewish grandparent who had never converted.]

    By this time the Moors had gone real soft – so it wasn’t too tough to kick out the last of them. But the really big deal was nation building, thus the Edict of Expulsion of 1492.

    Other expressions of the national idea included the 1492 publication of the first grammar of a language derived from Latin (i.e. Romance language).
    And the Discovery of America,1492.

    The confessor to Queen Isabella was a Dominican priest who became the first & greatest of the Inquisitors General. His name was Tomas de Torquemada, a convert from Judiasm.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, Don.

  17. “…I don’t have a dog in this fight, Don.” writes yuki, one of the most erudite posters to this site, in what I take to be a response to a rather rude post by Don.

    Well, I do have a dog in this fight, because I promised myself to call antisemitism (of the Jew-hating kind) when ever I see it. And it seems to me that this “Don” doesn’t like “Jews” very much.

    Unless I am mistaken, the remarks “…the Catholics had seen quite enough of Jewish behaviour …” and “..all [Jews] seem to have washed up and “.. big a chip on your shoulder” seem pretty insulting and deserving of an apology.

  18. My Champ, Rita!

    It’s “DAN”. (I misspelled 2nd time.) There’s at least one version of “DON” at this site, & he’s smart & a sweetie of the 1st water.

    I’m awfully picky, Rita, but the Devil is in the details. You just bit one of those tails.

    I’ve caught myself explaining something to this Dan before, promised myself then I wouldn’t bother responding to ahistorical buffalo chips dropped off the nether parts of brutish oxen. I’ll try to restrain myself.

    Somerset Maugham said something like, you can call a spade a spade without necessarily calling it a bloody shovel.

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