10 000 Russians join annual anti-Muslim ‘pride’ march

Times Live.Za

Sapa-AFP | 04 November, 2013 13:19

People attend a “Russian March” demonstration, organised by the “Russian Coalition of Action” movement, on National Unity Day in Moscow. Russia marks National Unity Day on November 4 to celebrate the defeat of Polish invaders in 1612.

About 10 000 Russian nationalists marched in Moscow in an annual show of anger against the presence of Muslim migrants that has previously escalated into violence.


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6 Replies to “10 000 Russians join annual anti-Muslim ‘pride’ march”

  1. This is the next step to getting Governments to admit the presence of too many immigrants causes problems, what’s next, Rioting and Violence?? then the Killing follows, just what does it take for the E.U. to realise this mass immigration has to stop??

  2. “”Russia for Russians!” and other neo-Nazi slogans”

    , so according to the article patriotic sentiments are equal to Nazism? What’s next?

  3. VoA in the beginning of this clip muddles the ethnicity/religion issue mentioning slavs, nationalists, cossacks, asians, migrants. Then, almost in passing, Muslim migrants.

    Religion as ethnicity is too much of a stretch for the VoA. It seems that painfully resurrected Orthodox Christianity is beginning to take, a net positive, though not necessarily viewed as such by Western elites. All at once it’s being challenged by Saudi-resuscitated, lubricious, bastard Islam. At present the Church is behaving itself with respect to minority faiths; the latter never will.

    “Cheap labor” may resonate with EUnuchs but that’s not really the issue. Russians are finally getting a life as self-identified Russians. They’re drinkers & singers & pig-eaters. They want no part of the “culture” Muslims are inflicting on the West. Halal, rape, no-go zones. Share their tastes or don’t, but live & let live. They’ve earned & want to savor nationalism; Europe’s discarded it like a soiled tissue.

    And they’re desperate to keep out the murderous scum who blow up schools & theatres. Russians don’t have that many “spare” kids, they value each human life. Kids are their soft spot, a notable target of Chechen savages.

    The holiday is supposed to be a patriotic celebration of the new Russian State. National Unity Day is not the time, nor is Moscow the place for counter-demonstrations by representatives of the “Caucasus Emirate” of the Universal Caliphate.

    Fortunately Russian police were able to herd them off to a suburb where they’d be less likely to pollute the produce during exhibitionistic arse-lifting. There’s all kinds of employment opportunities in the police, militia, & army.

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