News links for Nov 3 2013 – 1

1. Word to the west: many Saudi women oppose lifting the driving ban

134 (out of 170) respondents said female driving is not a necessity and that it opens the door for sexual harassment and encourages women to not wear the niqab under the pretext that they cannot see the road when driving

(Another reason why the west is the best. In our system, women who do not believe women should drive do not have to. But do not have the right to impose that value on those that would like to and are able to)

2. UK: Muslim face veil ‘is a kind of bag’ and women shouldn’t wear it in court, says Ken Clarke

3. Israel to US: Syria raid leak ‘endangers our national security’

(Exactly what was the US thinking when it told the world about this?)

Jerusalem reportedly conveys bitter protests to White House, Pentagon, CIA for confirming that IAF hit missile shipment; ‘embarrassed’ administration has yet to respond

4. Nigerian wedding party in Borno State massacred by gunmen

(Muslim) Gunmen in north-eastern Nigeria have killed more than 30 people in a attack on a wedding convoy.

It happened on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road between Bama and Banki in Borno State, east of the regional capital Maiduguri.

The groom was reportedly amongst the victims.

5. Al-Qaeda liquid bomb plotter asks European court to free him – because publicity over ‘suicide video’ infringed his human rights

  • Abdulla Ahmed Ali developed a home-made hydrogen peroxide bomb that could be disguised as a soft drink and taken aboard a plane
  • Mastermind of ‘liquid bomb plot’ – one of the most deadly plans ever to be discovered in Britain – sentenced to life for conspiracy to murder in 2009

6. Hero Tube worker who pulled victims from the wreckage on 7/7 joins the EDL because he feels let down by ministers

A tube worker who cut the bodies of victims from the mangled wreckage at Edgware Road station in the wake of the 7/7 bombings claims he is ‘fighting to protect Britain’ after joining the English Defence League.

7. Two French radio journalists are found dead in northern Mali hours after being kid

One source said their bodies were found riddled with bullets eight miles from the town, which was the birthplace of a violent uprising last year.

Another source said the pair’s throats may have been cut.

Mr Rhissa said: ‘When they left, I heard a strange noise outside. I immediately went out to see and when I opened my door, a turbaned man pointed a gun at me and told me go back inside.

Thank you Golem Bar, UK Pete, Wrath of Khan,

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  1. VENEZUELA Afghan, Iranians found on Canada flight with fake tickets

    Caracas (AFP) – A Toronto-bound flight was stopped shortly before departure from Caracas when four Iranians and an Afghan were found aboard with fake tickets and no visas, Venezuelan officials said Saturday.

    The captain of Air Canada Flight 075 discovered there were five extra passengers aboard his flight as it was scheduled to depart late Friday, said Luis Graterol, the head of the Simon Bolivar Maiquetia International Airport.

    All those on board were forced to disembark and military officials identified the suspicious passengers, Graterol told the state-run Venezuelan News Agency.

    The Iranians and the Afghan “did not have a visa to enter Canada, nor legitimate tickets,” Graterol said.

    He added that the flight had been delayed for five hours due to the incident.

  2. Russia cracks down on terrorism ahead of Olympics (NBC, Nov 3, 2013)
    “With the Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi looming, Russia passed a tough new anti-terrorism law that could require relatives or friends to pay for damage caused by militants…

    The new anti-terrorism law, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday and announced on Sunday, introduces prison terms of up to 10 years for training that is “aimed at carrying out terrorist activity,” Reuters reported.

    In addition, the law requires compensation for damages to be paid by perpetrators of terrorism acts as well as relatives or even close acquaintances if “they obtained money, valuables and other property as a result of terrorist activity,” according to documents published on a Kremlin legal website on Sunday.

    The law, which was originally proposed to the parliament by the Kremlin, also allows for the seizure of property of relatives or close acquaintances of suspected militants if they don’t hand over documents proving the property was rightfully acquired…”

  3. What was Obama thinking when he ordered the leak, he was thinking that with luck the leak would cause a massive attack on Israel.

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