News links for Nov 3 2013 – 3

1. Terror suspect on the run: Did Somalian escape in a burka from mosque prayers? More here. (But did he have to sit at the back?)

2. Afghan, Iranians found on Canada flight with fake tickets

Caracas (AFP) – A Toronto-bound flight was stopped shortly before departure from Caracas when four Iranians and an Afghan were found aboard with fake tickets and no visas, Venezuelan officials said Saturday.

The captain of Air Canada Flight 075 discovered there were five extra passengers aboard his flight as it was scheduled to depart late Friday, said Luis Graterol, the head of the Simon Bolivar Maiquetia International Airport.

(Venezuela is a central hub for Hizb’allah and other Islamic terror group funding, drug manufacturing, credit card fraud and other methods. More on that soon!)

3. Ban Muslim women from wearing veils in court, British cabinet member says

(If they chopped off the last nine words they would be half way to a real solution)

4. Egypt switches venue for Morsi trial after calls for mass protests

5. Yemen: Sectarian fighting kills dozens

In recent days, violence has escalated between Houthi rebels and Salafi militants in the city of Dammaj, with hundreds injured as a result. The Houthis are Shiites and the Salafis are Sunni Muslims.

6. ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Symbol Banned From Navy Uniforms for Being Too Radical?

(The implications of this story make it staggeringly important IMO, especially if you add in the recent list of what defines a radical to the Obama admin, which include people who believe in individual rights)

Thank you UK Pete, M, Softly Bob,

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11 Replies to “News links for Nov 3 2013 – 3”

  1. As 93% of communication is non verbal,and 55%of that is facial ,only a fool would allow these parasitic muslims to denigrate our courts by wearing a rag over their heads to hide their lying features.

  2. 6. All that peace-price laureate, (pro) Muslim Brother Obama wants is for them to remove the “Don’t” so that it would read: TREAD ON ME. simple as that.

  3. Thousands gather in Tehran for anti-American rally

    The biggest anti-American gathering in Iran in years displayed domestic opposition to President Hassan Rouhani’s policy of detente with the West

    Iran saw its biggest anti-American rally in years on Monday as protesters in Tehran stomped on images of President Barack Obama to mark the 34th anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy and voice defiance of Hassan Rouhani, the new Iranian president.

  4. Bangladeshi Hindus attacked because of false accusations that a BOY from the minority Hindu community committed blasphemy.

    But of course the reality of the false blasphemy charge is this:
    “The media reports, meanwhile, came up with a finding that a group of extortionists, mostly belonging to the BNP and their fundamentalist ally Jamaat-e-Islami, had planned to frame Hindu schoolboy Rajib Saha for maligning Islam after his businessman father refused to pay them. ”

    Even if it were true, the violence against the Hindus is still absolutely wrong.

  5. Oh and this from the same link:
    “The Daily Star newspaper said it found that the Facebook page, photocopies of which were used to incite the attacks, had no links with Rajib.”

    This poor terrified child is going to suffer thanks to evil men.

  6. RE; # 6 Our ‘Dear Leader’ and his Socialist, Leftist cabal absolutely hate the military and are doing everything in their power to weaken, pussify, degrade, and wreck it.

  7. Frank you have that right, the people who think he is doing a good job of protecting the US are in for a very rude awakening in a year or two.

  8. Conservatives vow to challenge Quebec charter, should it pass

    The federal government is hoping the new Quebec charter of values will not make it through the province’s minority legislature, while vowing to launch a legal challenge of the bill if it does become law.

    Speaking in Toronto, Jason Kenney said his government believes that all Canadians “have an equal right to participate fully in the public life of our society.” The minister for employment and multiculturalism added he is “concerned” by the proposed legislation, which would prevent Quebec government employees from wearing a veil, a turban or a kippa at work.

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