Socialist alchemy. The practice of converting reality into sanctimony

Recently in Norway, a book was published by a pair of Norwegian journalists, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland and Arild Opheim, called, ‘Uninvited Guests’.

As I understand it, they were a romantic couple as well when a couple of illegal non-European immigrants broke into their homes, tied their hands behind their backs, and held them naked threatening to kill them while going through their personal property and robbing them of credit cards, cash and valuables.

An article about the book and the authors is here. Chrome translates it into English fairly well should you feel its worth the clicks.

The revealing and instructive part of this article is about defending ones purchase, as well as the inversion of reasoning socialists use to defend their ideological purchases. More simply put, when reality directly, and even humiliatingly and painfully, contradicts ones ideological worldview, socialists tend to reinterpret the facts to reaffirm their world view, rather than adjust their world view to better reflect reality.

In other words, rather than change your map to reflect the giant crater you found in the middle of your yard, you explain to people that the map is correct and you deserve to have the crater there because you failed to hang a sign in orbit inviting all the meteors to land in your yard anytime they want in which case they wouldn’t make holes in your yard.

Traditionally, using reasoning, we tend to look at the results of a policy and determine the validity of the policy occasionally adjusting for variables that may not have been factored in to the first estimates and reassessing as needs be. The classic socialist reasoning is to be so committed to the ideology that any discrepancy between your beliefs and reality must be because of a failure on the part of society to properly and completely implement the required policies of socialism.

This is pretty much identical to religious reasoning as well. Such as when the Tsunami trashed the coastline of Indonesia, and a leading muslim cleric claimed it was because muslims had failed to wage jihad enough and they were being punished by allah for that.

A read of the communist agricultural manifesto also reveals this same reasoning, which is why Russia wasted countless lives and resources in a futile effort to get wheat to grow in Siberia while the West used science to genetically modify wheat to grow wherever the hell they wanted it to. The communists insisted that wheat would grow in Siberia because communism needed it to. Really. That was perhaps the best example of all of how reasoning does work as opposed to how religion and socialism attempts to force it to work.

Meanwhile, back in Norway, immigrants are raping and robbing their way across the country in unprecedented numbers while socialist journalists bathe in sanctimony and enjoy book deals and probably university lecture circuits for heapum big cash lecturing everyone how the solution is to let everyone in and just give them whatever they want, as if the stuff was there as an accident of geography and not the sum total of the work and self sacrifice of every generation of Norwegians that came before them.

And I have a prediction for these two as well.

I bet that the first thing they do with their first royalty check from the book, is buy better locks and shatter proof windows.

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  1. Interresting article. Like that you argue reason and facts in favour of locked mindset.
    You just got a couple of things wrong when it comes to the two “socialist journalists”. If you’d done just a bit of reseach on the web you’d find out that I – one of them -have a history as active politician for the conservatives – Høyre. But I guess that wouldn’t fit your map.

    But who I am is off the topic anyway. Let’s stick to discussing the politics. It’s easier to respect each others view that way.

  2. According to the article I read, they were journalists. The notion that there should be no limits to immigration, an open border policy, is a notoriously socialist idea.

  3. It is saddening to see the descendents of the Viking Northmen, into a society that has been transformed into a wimpy, weak, and sissified state.

  4. You’ve got your isms wrong, Eeyore. Open borders is more of a liberal view. And liberalism and socialism is pretty far from each other.

  5. Big Frank – Norway is a totalitarian democracy. Consider them “early adopters” of that way cool idea currently consuming minds on the left (again): a 21st century collectivism. Politicians really like it as a form of social control. So much nicer than truncheons and such.

    Of course dissenters – say, Fjordman – risk country-wide shaming and blaming because when the worm appears in the apple, somebody has to pay. IOW, sucks to be Fjordman, but the obedient are safe. Sort of safe. Safe if they don’t actually try to live WITH the cultural enrichers they invite in.

    By their lights, one shouldn’t NEED locks or shatterproof windows. “Come on in, the door’s open. And my wallet is on the nightstand. Help yourself. Just don’t hurt me.”

  6. In the modern world “liberalism” and “socialism” are the same thing. The old fashioned liberalism is dead and has been for a century or so. In the US, there were late hangers on – Daniel Moynihan was one of the last & he died of a broken heart after the Dems rammed through the ruinous “War on Poverty”. He warned that it would destroy the black family…and so it did, within a generation. It was fitting that socialist Hillary Clinton took his Senate seat after he left.

    The coming years are fraught, to say the least. While waiting for the local version of the catacylsm (or slow erosion, depending on where you live- there will definitely be local differences), I suggest you read Gregory Copley’s book, “UNcivilization: Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos”.

    BTW, Eeyore, that hybrid wheat is causing a lot of gastric problems worldwide. Suddenly people are developing wheat allergies where none existed before. Our hubristic scientists, in the employ of giant food corps like Monsanto, are creating ill-health everywhere. Just ask the folks who eventually developed wheat “allergies”.

  7. Yemens past – our future? Better beware of (importing) Muhammadan sectarianism. Better beware of importing Muhammadanism altogether.

    Yemen: Sectarian fighting kills dozens (CNN, Nov 3, 2013)
    “Dozens of people have been killed by sectarian clashes in Yemen’s northern province of Saada in the past several days, according to local officials.

    In recent days, violence has escalated between Houthi rebels and Salafi militants in the city of Dammaj, with hundreds injured as a result. The Houthis are Shiites and the Salafis are Sunni Muslims.

    Saada government officials and a spokesman for Salafis in Dammaj accuse Houthi rebels of firing mortars and rockets last week at Dammaj’s Al-Mazraa mosque — part of a Salafi religious institute — in a bid to force Salafis to leave the area.

    Earlier, the Houthis issued a statement accusing the Salafis of causing this conflict by transporting thousands of foreign Sunni fighters there…”

  8. From wedding to grave… Last time it was Afghanistan – this time Nigeria follows.

    Nigerian wedding party in Borno State massacred by gunmen (BBC, Nov 3, 2013)
    “Gunmen in north-eastern Nigeria have killed more than 30 people in a attack on a wedding convoy.

    It happened on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road between Bama and Banki in Borno State, east of the regional capital Maiduguri.

    The groom was reportedly amongst the victims.

    The Islamist militant group Boko Haram has carried out frequent attacks in the area despite a state of emergency declared in north-east Nigeria in May…”

  9. We have what some would call more than our share of these folk. Mostly the people saying this are those poor souls in the small cities and towns that the State Dept, in league with various faith-based orgs, choose to dump their 3rd worlders on the unsuspecting. The charity and State usually provide six months of support and then they’re gone. It’s not long before the locality is swamped with crime,medical problems, and social service needs that you’d have to be oil-rich like Norway to be able to indulge.

    These small places are definitely NOT in the Norway-rich category. They have neither the means nor the inclination to play Great White Father to the brown children. Especially not in overwhelming numbers.

    It happens under the radar and you can bet the media never ever reports on it. Not unless some native goes beserk after one home invasion too many.

    Makes you wonder how many invasions these two Clueless Ones are willing to endure? Five? Ten? Weekly visits? Have an extended family move in, perhaps?? Their obdurate naivete is in service to an overweening hubris. The Greeks could tell them what happens at the end.

  10. To both Arild Opheim (see above) and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland, Norwegian journalists and authors of “Uninvited Guests” who claim that European politicians unfairly welcome “dreamers” (illegal immigrants) as “thugs”, the MAIN point is that open border policy IS destroying European countries. And most politicians and journalists are either too weak, too ignorant, or just too afraid to do or say anything about immigration – Islamic immigration, that is.

    Pick any country in the world and notice how the political, religious and social landscapes are changing to accommodate Islam, and how at the same time, Western culture, heritage, and national values are being threatened.

    Can you not see how the rise in Islamic radicalism throughout Europe and elsewhere is destroying the Western way of life?

    Instead of quibbling over how “dreamers are not thugs”, why not do something to stop the spread of Islamic radicalism to ensure the protection of Westerners and non-Westerners alike?

    Yes, many Muslims are seeking a better life in the Western world and truly want to integrate. And not all Muslims want to destroy their host country. Many are seeking refuge and trying to escape the brutality of their Islamic country of origin (and, as a BIG aside, so are millions of Christians who are being persecuted in the name of Islam throughout the Islamic world – much of which was almost entirely Christian prior to the Islamic conquests, like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc…).

    However, no other religion is required to immigrate and take over a host country as Islam. Just pick up a koran (or book of hadiths) and read what Mohammed said about immigration: he made immigration for Muslims a RELIGIOUS DUTY or obligation, with the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and making it victorious. He ordered Muslims NOT to integrate, but to form a separate body, to keep their own laws, and make the host country COMPLY WITH THEM.

    Check out Mohammed’s “Medina Charter” (when he immigrated to Medina from Mecca), which formed the basis of the first Islamic state, whereby all other religious communities of Medina were required to live under Islamic law.

    The point is, open border policy IS destroying the West. This is because Islam, UNREFORMED, refuses to integrate within society. Islam, unreformed, must dominate society, thereby threatening Western values – as evidenced in European countries where open border policy exists. If journalists and politicians cannot admit this, then we truly are in big trouble.

  11. Well, Cynthia. I understand that it’s possible to fear that muslims will threaten the western way of living. I can respect your fear. We just don’t share it. I think it’s better to react on all radical religious acts that violence our laws as they happens, rather then refuse people to enter our territory on a general basis.
    The thing is that integration is – in majority of the cases – a succsess. If you look at crime statistics, you’ll see that etnical groups that are overrepresented almost without exceptions are the groups that have arrived recently. Right now people from Afghanistan is overrepresented. But my guess is that in ten years, they will be just about average. 15 years ago people from Ex-Yugoslavia was overrepresented. Now they’re not. It just take time to adopt.

    I don’t say immigration or integration are easy. But let’s deal with the negative consequenses the same way we solve other problems in society. By treating violaters as individuals. And not by hunting rabbits with tanks.

    And Eeyore, off course there’s no woman that deserve to be raped. And we have to face that is one of the negative consequenses of failed integration (on individual level). But let’s take hand of the rapist, and make them understand that rape is one of the worst crimes – either by punishment or treatment or both.

  12. Nations that don’t control their borders and limit the number or immigrants each year end up being destroyed, this fact has been proven many times in history. Unfortunately the left refuses to learn the lessons of history so we are all condemned to repeat them.

  13. …”let’s take hand of the rapist, and make them understand that rape is one of the worst crimes – either by punishment or treatment or both…”

    As I said, Eeyore, obdurant naivete. These folks have never read Islam’s own book of jurisprudence, “Reliance of the Traveler”. If they had, they’d realize that rape is not wrong. In fact, it is permitted to use kaffir women, even encouraged at times of war and take-over. And this is definitely a takeover.

    Notice there is no mention of the raped women, who are horrifically damaged, physically and spiritually. Some commit suicide, but the media doesn’t talk about them very often. Not in nice, nice Norway where they believe in dialogue with rapists and other airy-fairy utopian witlessness. They themselves are at risk for rape since the followers of Islam despise gays. In “The Reliance of the Traveler” (*the* definitive book given an imprimatur by the university in Cairo) they lay down specific ways in which all gays are to be killed.

    Norway has made me see a number of things. One is that intelligence without wisdom isn’t worth squat. It’s just words, a wall of words to fence out reality. You cannot reason with people who have filtered reality so that Reason itself is subservient to dogma.

    No wonder so many people flee their topsy-turvy homeland, going back only for visits. Several men have told me that each time they go back, they are so happy to be home. But in each case, they last about 10 days and have to cut short what was intended to be a longer stay.

    If you would understand the underbelly of Norway, I suggest the novel, “Lillelord”. It’s not an easy book to read but it gives you an idea of the influences that shaped Breivik…Brevik is Norway’s nightmare and they are still frenziedly trying to blame his behavior on innocent people like Fjordman. They can no more take on Breivik than they can ever come to terms with Quisling. Too bad; doing so might give them the chance to think through some of their more disastrous decisions…like immigration of those who will never assimilate.

    Instead they choose to support stone killers like Hamas – the *only* western country that refuses to see them as the terrorist killers they are. And they can spout a wall of words about why that’s good. As I said, intelligence uniformed by any discernment or wisdom. It becomes a malign force.

    America is full of problems, not the least of which is being infected by the same Marxist virus that plagues nicenice Norway and other totalitarian states. But at least the voices of dissent are still here and one can speak without fear of being cast out. Unless you live in the Republic of San Francisco, that is. Then you’d better be quiet…

  14. Oh my. The Republic of Cambridge in Massachusetts? I lived there many years ago, but not in the leafy avenues near Harvard. More like with the policemen and iron workers who had no use for the Professor Gateses and such.

    Actually, it has long since been the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts, yucki.If you live there you got to have RomneyCare before there was the abomination of ObamaCare. We are on our way to third world medical care in this country…

  15. Arild Opheim,

    I wonder whether, in support of your guess, you could you offer some examples of countries to which Muslims have migrated in numbers and then integrated after 10 years (or 100, or 1000) into the cultures they found there?

  16. Gentlepeople, forgive OT aside @Dymphna~~~
    This place is so atypical in so many ways people laugh outright when politicians make noises in our direction. It’s the Planet of the Moonbat, LaLa Land for the Nobel Prize set, and who knows what for everybody else?

    Broadly speaking, just about every resident of Taxachussets can get the best medical care in the world here. The many universities are affiliated with teaching hospitals — Harvard/MIT, Tufts, BU, U-Mass, even the New England School of Acupuncture. Embryo physicians not only pay $100,000s (pl.) to train here, they tend to contribute generously to alma mater.

    These institutions have such high fixed overhead they have never, nor could they ever be covered entirely by the usual mix of private and public revenues. Massive endowments, revolving funds for research into everything, collaboration with the National Institutes of Health. Medical device/ Big-Pharma are here for the long-term.

    We’re visiting a fascinating, terrifying microcosmos. If you like, we could this chat elsewhere, w/o further abusing Eeyore’s generosity.

    • Hmmm…I remember that environment well. Many life changes ago, I worked at Chidldrens’ Hospital, CHMC, in the vicinity of Judah Folkmann’s research. I understand what you’re saying…Taxi is a very special case in the way the Republic of Berkeley is and for the same reasons…the pull of gravity is compelling when it comes to Big Med.

      Care to do an essay? I’d love to see one if you’re up for it.

    • BTW, yucki, it was primarily Folkmann’s anti-angiogenesis research – i.e, looking for way to starve tumors (they need a rich blood supply and can ‘call out’ to nearby blood vessels) – that my husband’s wet macular degeneration is being held in abeyance and even pushed back to some extent. Of course the meds they stick in his eye with a needle cost over a thousand dollars a hit so no way could we afford it. However, the retinal surgeon has a line to a private donor fund that is set up for exactly these situations. So we only have to pay for the other stuff…not negligible, but within the realm of possibility.

  17. What Cynthia said:

    “many Muslims are seeking a better life in the Western world and truly want to integrate. And not all Muslims want to destroy their host country…”

    Well, that must be the ‘tiny minority of extremists’ we keep hearing about.

    However, that does nothing to protect us from the ideology, and the sharia that will be enforced against us as soon as they have the numbers. It certainly doesn’t change the stated goal of Islam, the Mohammedan obsession with conquest.

    No, we must not buy any more hopenchange, we must not be naive.

    We cannot coexist.

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