News links for Nov 1 2013 – 2

1. Moderate FSA leader speaking on his allies in the Syrian war

2. Bicycle bomb kills 4, injures 20 in Pakistan

(If you live in Pakistan, try to travel by hearse. Probably the only vehicle with no bombs attached)

3. Swedish ex-imam formed militia group in Syria

4. A peculiar thing in Pakistan.

4a. ‘Big black ghost’ lands many factory workers in hospital

“I saw a big black ghost in the washroom. It resembled a shadow but was far bigger than any shadow I have ever seen,”

4b. ‘Paranormal’ activity: Women fall unconscious following ‘exorcism’ at Landhi factory

4c. Two dozen women collapse unconscious during exorcism to rid ‘evil spirit or genie’ from Pakistan garment factory

(Personally I think these women had a little too much Djinn with lunch)

5. EU Proposal to Monitor “Intolerant” Citizens

6. Was Charlene, 14, sexually abused by up to 100 men before being murdered and chopped up for kebab meat? Police reopen case of missing teenager ten years on  (This is a case that must be solved and justice done)

7. Drive-by shooting kills two members of Greece’s Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party and wounds one

Police are treating the incident as a terror attack by Greece’s far left

8. The UK can now boast that is has the largest Gypsy population in Europe!

9. Global Ramifications of the Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Campaign in Egypt

(Essentially, do what Egypt is doing and not what Obama’s America is doing)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, UK Pete,

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  1. 5/ The European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance proposes astonishingly intolerant policies. That which is not to be tolerated is anything its framers object to, including “Islamophobia,” impartial treatment of all groups (“vulnerable and disadvantaged” groups need preferential treatment) and group libel (which includes “ridiculing” an identifiable group).

    “Juveniles convicted of committing crimes” like making fun of people “will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”

    Indoctrination must begin as early as possible and be unrelenting after that.

    European lawmakers are managing to make Shariah look like an attractive alternative.

  2. LOL @ Pastorious 😀

    @ don c “…European lawmakers are managing to make Shariah look like an attractive alternative.”

    Adolf’s sperm count might not have been high enough to father a child, but he certainly seems to have spawned some clones who seem to steer that Titanic that is Europe, straight onto youknowwhat.

  3. #1

    It may sound anticlimactic to say, but possibly the worst thing about Islam is how utterly unreasonable its followers become. That bearded fool is convinced that every word coming out of his mouth is the last word, and there is virtually nothing anybody can say or do to change his tiny, stupid, uneducated little mind. By allowing hundreds-of-thousands of Muslims to migrate to Canada, we are setting ourselves up for a situation in which we are going to have to negotiate with these people, which would be sort of OK, except for the fact that they don’t negotiate.

    What are we going to do when a mosque turns into an Islamic centre, which morphs into a Muslim neighborhood, then a Muslim District, then into a separatist cause? “Free, free, Apartheid Montrealistan! Free, free Apartheid Montrealistan!”. Then you’re left trying to negotiate with somebody exactly like the guy in the video. Oddly, that seems to be exactly what our politicians, regardless of philosophy or affiliation, seem to crave. I do not understand that… I really don’t.

  4. #4 moldy rye bread would also account for the visions.

    #5 The EU is trying to take Western Europe full communist, welcome to the past.

    #9 We should be helping the current Egyptian government not fighting them.

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