Vladimir Putin speaks about dealing with ‘extremism’ in February 2013

First of all, I would like to send a big thank you to all my long suffering translators. I know how hard you work and it is deeply appreciated. It is a labour of love to do these jobs and none of us are paid. So thank you all for caring enough to do this, what I feel is very important, work for everyone’s benefit.

This short clip by Vladimir is just another indicative clip of how the Russian state views things. I wish more Western nations had the same conviction.

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5 Replies to “Vladimir Putin speaks about dealing with ‘extremism’ in February 2013”

  1. If any wants a longer Putin response to events post-riot (Sept 20):
    Compare this statement to Sweden’s empty response to “Days of Rage” last spring.

  2. Eeyore thank you for all that you do.

    Putin is more worried about what the military and the FSB think then what is politically correct, after all he can’t become Czar in name as well as fact without their support, and if the Moslems take over he won’t be Czar in fact or name. Our western leaders are all busy feathering their nest by sucking up to the politically correct and the far left, this is not how you protect your nations sovereignty. In fact Obama doesn’t want the western nations to have any sovereignty.

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