Two important documents on the values and lack of evolution of islam

First, a new article by Nicolai Sennels:

Cultural psychology: How Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 years

And well related, a recent video lecture put on by the Q Society of Australia titled:

Understanding the Ideological Foundation of Sexual Abuse in Islam.

Together these are a powerful educational tool.

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4 Replies to “Two important documents on the values and lack of evolution of islam”

  1. While making a comment that Islam never left the medieval era, the assumption is that the medieval era was barbaric. It is though in the medieval era, and the earlier much maligned Dark ages, that most of the foundations of European, and hence Western civilisation were laid.

    Islam actually never entered the medieval era. What civilisation existed before Islam, was expunged from the place that Islam conquered, dragging the populace to barbarism. It is this unreconstructed people, Somalis leading the charge of the barbaric horde, that we have invited to live with us

    This is most definitely going to end in disaster for all.

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