Ezra Levant and Pamela Geller on the Edmonton Bus adds.

My point person, I will call them DM as I do not know if they want to be known on this site, has sent me tons of great info on this entire issue and my posts have been based on that information. Same with this one. Following is some of the information on the addition and then removal of the ads to help teen girls in genuine danger of being killed by parents, and how out of step this is with all the other similar campaigns for other kids at risk.

CBC link on this issue:


However, AFDI head Pamela Gellar said she didn’t understand why the racism-based complaints were made in the first place.

“One Muslim councillor voices unhappiness with this ad and they take an ad campaign down?” she asked. “What is controversial about trying to help girls?

Thank you DM for keeping us up to date on this issue. There is much more on this over at Pamela Geller’s site.

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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Pamela Geller on the Edmonton Bus adds.”

  1. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird………

    We see it in Europe.

    We see it in the United Kingdom.

    We see how the cancer of Islam corrupts, dominates and utterly destroys everything it touches.

    You are being warned, you have been warned, using the example of the areas of the world above, of what we can expect.

    But its always, “over there”, “that other country”, “those guys”, its never us and in that there is a disconnect. A disconnect that allows us to ignore warnings as they are “distant”, “over there” and “that could never happen” here.

    Well, now you have something right in your backyard, its the cancer of Islam and it has reared its head in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    You cannot say you were not warned, and now I am warning you again, this is the beginning of the end of our democratic and civilized life in Canada. Fact.

    From now on the cuts inflicted on us by Islam will be a little more frequent and a little deeper, and we will bleed rivers until there is nothing left of everything we have built, just as Europe is collapsing under the bootheel of Islam, so will we. It has begun.

    And what will you do now?

    How will you fight back now?

    Do you recall my recent post about “Muslims, Dog Catchers, Patriots and Vigilantes”?

    Well, in Amarjeet Sohi we see the colors of treason, sedition, complicity and collusion with those who seek the destruction of Canada and adding variety, we see Amarjeet Sohi’s willful and enthusiastic subornation of a seething hatred of Muslim girls and women who seek education, emancipation and deserved self-determination.

    Imagine, a visceral hatred of women comes in the shades of hypocrisy and wears a t-shirt proclaiming him a “feminist”……..that’s a lot like an SS trooper in Auschwitz the concentration camp wearing a button that says “I Love Israel”.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Recommended reading… Looks like there is plenty of deception all over the place. In my estimate a substantial part (of that deception) is likely to be found in the mustard camp. Of course then there are all sorts of enablers trying to run the show and so on and so forth…

    Pakistan says drones killed 67 civilians since 2008 (BBC, Oct 30, 2013)
    “Pakistan has said 67 civilians died in US drones strikes in the country since 2008, a figure much lower than estimates by independent organisations. It said 317 US drone strikes killed 2,160 militants in Pakistan in the same period. The Pakistani Defence Ministry provided the figure on Wednesday in a written response to the Senate. It claimed no civilian had died in a drone strike since the beginning of last year … The latest figures released by Pakistan differ dramatically from previous estimates, but no explanation was given for the apparent discrepancy … A recent UN investigator said this month that Pakistan had told him that US drone strikes had killed at least 400 civilians in Pakistan since they began in 2004. “If the true figures for civilian deaths are significantly lower, then it is important that this should now be made clear, and the apparent discrepancy explained,” UN special rapporteur Ben Emmerson said….”

  3. Canada and the Subcontinent both decided they preferred self-governance to British control.

    Now both Britain and Canada are yielding self-governance to Subcontinental control – to what Ezra aptly calls “ignorant fascists” like Amarjeed Sohi.

    The current state of affairs is obscene beyond words. It’s good at least that Ezra doesn’t mince his. As he says, Canada no longer has a national consensus against practices like spousal abuse, honour killing, female genital mutilation and forced marriage. Well done, Citizenship and Immigration. And what a disgrace that it needs someone from south of the border to fight back on our behalf.

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