Remember the man in the video who assaulted the Ottawa woman? Charges have been laid.


Ottawa Police have charged a 35-year-old man with attempted murder in connection with an assault that took place in the Bayview area Oct. 22.

Video released by police shows a 27-year-old woman walking down the street and being followed by an unknown man with an object in his hand.

The woman was allegedly hit with a roofing hammer in an attack that was unprovoked, according to investigators.

Nabil Benhsaien was arrested in the downtown core Monday; he’s also charged with breach of recognizance. […]

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3 Replies to “Remember the man in the video who assaulted the Ottawa woman? Charges have been laid.”

  1. Hammers are significant in Islam. After you die, if Allah isn’t pleased with you, they smash you with big hammers for a few thousand years in preparation for the really bad stuff that’s coming next.

    And according to the internet, the name “Nabil” is Arabic for “Noble”. The guy is either Iranian or some kind of Arab and he probably did it because he believes that Western women are all worthless sluts.

    I don’t know about you, but I would deny immigration to any group of people that thought my mother and my gramma and my daughters and my wife were all useless pieces of shit who deserved to die, and who feel the urge to kill every time they see a Jew. Maybe it’s just me.

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