News links for Oct. 29 2013 – 2

1. Alberta muslims upset about honour killings bus adds. (One would hope they would also want to protect their daughters and sisters from being murdered)

2. Girl, 13, digs herself out of a shallow grave after she is raped and buried alive by two men in Pakistan 

(In Islam, everyday is the plot of a made-for-TV Halloween movie)

3. NYC Bus driver boots boy who did the usual Islamic invocation on a city bus.

4. The car that ‘caught fire’ when driving into Tiananmen sq. in China turns out to be a muslim terrorist attack by the Uighurs. China will respond appropriately.

4b. another link

4c. About islamic separatism in a region of China

5. Umno man says slaughtering cows in schools is “practical” for Muslim students

6. A better video of some of the wonderful cultural enrichment we can expect in Canada soon as our immigration catches up to the UK’s. This video is a little clearer than the previous one of the same attack of a few days ago. The description at the YT channel is helpful as well. 

7. UN sets up anti-asteroid peacekeepers to protect the Earth. I can’t see this lasting long as asteroids have no women to rape or cheap hookers and no locals to rob, blackmail extort and otherwise abuse as is so popular with UN peacekeeping forces. Don’t believe me? Ask the people of the Cote’ de Ivor. Also try and see the movie, U.N. Me.

8. Scientist uses actual data and reason to warn of a potential coming ice age.

9. Another scientist is seeking the answers to types of genius by examining genetics. (I suspect this work will never be allowed to be completed, or will be suppressed, or will be altered to fit the social marxist narrative. Or possibly will have omissions in it in order to prevent people from knowing certain general aspects of the findings, should there be any)

(Thanks all for sending this in. Fjordman, M, so many more. Its a busy day today, so I’m less organized than even usual. Culpa me for any omissions)

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10 Replies to “News links for Oct. 29 2013 – 2”

  1. #1 One more issue that can be resolved, and will only be resolved, by repatriating Canada’s Muslim settlers, and before the problem reaches European dimensions.

  2. 3/ I’m with the bus driver on this one. I only hope that he had a can of air freshener to spray the bus with afterwards.

    7/ I’ve always been worried about an asteroid hitting the Earth but I can sleep soundly now knowing that the incompetent U.N. are going to protect us.
    No thanks, I’d feel safer knowing that a gang of well-trained toddlers with peashooters were going to shoot it out of the sky should it ever feel the need to come too close to us.

  3. TUNISIA – Tourists see suicide bomber explode

    A suicide bomber has blown himself up in front of horrified tourists in Tunisia, but no-one else was hurt in the incident.

    The incident at a seaside hotel is believed to be the first suicide bombing ever in the country.

    The bomber appeared to be about to enter the Riadh Palm hotel in Sousse, about 90 miles south of the capital Tunis, when he exploded. The Interior Ministry said that no one was injured and no property was damaged. It said the bomber was a Tunisian man and was wearing an explosive belt.

    Police also arrested a man carrying explosives near the mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba, the country’s first post-independence president, in the nearby city of Monastir. Both men appeared to belong to an extremist group, the ministry said.

  4. #4 When the Chinese crack down on the Moslems do they have to worry about Iranian or Pakistani nukes?

    #7 The UN committee will do nothing, however the private company that is planning to move asteroids into lunar orbit and mine them will develop the technology to protect us from the large asteroids.

    #8 I hope you have insulated boots in the coming years.

    #9 This is going to happen no matter what we say or do, all we can hope for is that a eugenics program won’t target us and our kids.

  5. WHASINGTON POST – NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

    The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, according to documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials.

    By tapping those links, the agency has positioned itself to collect at will from among hundreds of millions of user accounts, many of them belonging to Americans. The NSA does not keep everything it collects, but it keeps a lot.

    White House officials and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the NSA, declined to confirm, deny or explain why the agency infiltrates Google and Yahoo networks overseas.

    In a statement, Google said it was “troubled by allegations of the government intercepting traffic between our data centers, and we are not aware of this activity.”

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