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9 Replies to “German Freedom Party leader braves abuse while getting signatures to stop Europe’s largest mosque”

  1. Watch the soldiers faces this is important in my opinion.

    They are the only non-bias people there. They are ordered to be there. Their reactions is telling in my opinion.

    I like to know what you guys think of the reactions of the soldiers. the woman is the most noticeably but the others are very clear as well.

  2. There is little doubt what those young guys would be doing if the police weren’t there…they’d be kicking the life out of Mr. Sturzenberger, is what they would be doing. I liked the fact that Sturzenberger literally faced the Muslim crowd and talked directly to the evil bearded manbabies. I’m sure the German media will do what they can to make him look like a racist crank, but the message was very clear and would have to resonate with any Germans who happened to be listening. He said, “Follow our laws or there will be trouble”. How can any sane person have a problem with that?

    And how do you get the umlaut over the “u”? 🙂

    And the soldiers appeared to be smirking slightly, I think…

  3. Look at the filthy Turkish in the front row. All those centuries of holding them at bay, only for an EU commish to hand them everything.

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