Some stunning and nuanced bullshit on British TV

There is so much wrong with this bit of television it requires an essay at least. For the moment a couple of quick points.

If Nazis moved to England and had kids and built Nazi community centers which collected money for the Luftwaffe with the intention of taking over England and replacing democracy with Nazi fascism, is it British just because they are playing the long game? A muslim is no more British or Canadian (if they are religious) than a Cuckoo is a sparrow just because it was laid in that nest. Nor Is a person English by a piece of paper that is handed them because the Government is anxious to obliterate traditional English people, culture and history by swamping it with third worlders.

It is a package deal to be English just as it is to be muslim. It means culture/law, customs, governance and shared history and more.

People had better not be lulled into this series of rhetorical tricks if they hold out any hope of preserving their own culture and autonomy and I say that even if islam was not a malevolent force upon the world. Even if it was just alien and in ascendency Europeans would do well to stop it merely because it is a threat to the continuance of local cultures and traditions. But Islam is consistent in that it ensures that wherever it has the numbers, local customs which contradict islamic law are crushed and where they do not, muslims actually invent new ones in order to be different and then use them to crush local customs in the name of islam for the sake of doing so. Notice that in Egypt the prohibition on pork and so on is not nearly as strident as it is in parts of the UK as one example. Nor is the fight against the use of images of dogs like we saw with the Scottish police. I really hope Tommy Robinson didn’t fall for any of that crap. I guess we shall know soon.

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  1. Eeyore, thank you for articulating my rather feelings so well. When I heard that muslim say: Iii aahm Breeetash my immediate instinctive reaction was: No you are not! And I am not even British myself.

    As to Tommy’s “road of Damaskus”: it makes me increasingly ill at ease. Regarding the 18 months it took to turn what will probably become an islamic travelog, with the token little objections by Tommy to make it look authentic – is it not about 18 months since Tommy came out of prison? And I am also uneasy about the timing of Tommy’s resignation from the EDL: I hope that Tommy was cynical enough to time it so that it would pack a punch for the film, rather than that “the muslim got him at the end”.

    Today I saw Tommy twitter about some muslim not wanting to share the platform with him, although they were supposed to appear together, I wonder if that piece of TV was it?

    In my opinion Tommy has done enough and shown enough courage in the past, for me to never disrespect this brave man, but I sincerely hope that we will not be given the vulgar melo-drama of muslims taking Tommy to their bosom and Tommy going “home to allah”. No good could come out of that.

  2. Rita – I kind of agree with you after all he and his Family went through, we must not forget the threats and assaults he endured AND the verbal abuse he had to take for the sake of the E.D.L., I think he STILL IS an English Hero, sadly I also think that what he was trying to achieve will not fully come to the fore until things get worse here, and it is heading in that direction, the Court Cases speak Volumes, the unfair decisions taken by the Police in the Streets ect. but STILL they refuse to see to the evidence in front of them, I can’t remember Tommy ever saying he was against muslims, but he has-and I think he still is against the islamization of Britain, but he’s going to run into trouble again I think, because his new “friends” will try and take him in a different direction.

  3. That is certainly not a segment you can pull one or two especially toxic quotes from – the thing is poisonous from start to finish. It would have to be unpacked almost line by line and image by image, not only for what is said and shown, but for all the artful manipulation and veiled assumptions and subtext behind it. And that would uncover more layers of deceit that would need going into. It’s almost a blanket assault on reason and reality, a wall of noise but so anodyne, so placidly put across, the new normal. If the British begin swallowing these pills the future is written.

  4. When my family moved to Britain in the 50s we were always conscious not to call ourselves British as this was felt dishonest by “stealing” the ethnic identity of the true British. I was brought up in a generation that believed that you were born British you do not become British. Same? is true ,of-course, for all ethnicities. So we always described ourselves as British citizens which were fine.

  5. Perhaps there is a British-born French-trained non-Leftist semiotician who can shed light on the language of clothing here. I get that the EDL are slobs, when they manage to put clothes on at all. But what are those scarves that “Mo” wears? Does that associate him with a particular class or group? Of course he’s better turned out than loutish Tommy in his tasteless socks. And what’s up with the presenters? I read them as American televangelists. The woman even seems to be wearing some kind of cross at her neck. Is this a Christian show?

  6. This was a complete propaganda initiative from Mo Ansar, the Islamists at the Quilliam foundation and the marxist Islamic sympathizers from the BBC. The entire point of this documentary is to show Islam in a conciliatory and friendly light in order to lull the average viewer into a false sense of comfort and acceptance of the complete makeover of their society and way of life with as little resistance as possible. Much like the Lobster being put in lukewarm water and having the temperature gradually rise. Mo Ansar is a Jihadist in every sense of the word, so is Majid Nawaz, they simply realized that stealth Jihad is just as effective as the violent kind, preying on the useful idiocy of the left. That is why the Muslim Brotherhood has been so effective in North America with their civilizational Jihad.

    Here is one small point that i think highlights the duplicity of the stealth Islamists as much as anything. The entire premise of Mahjid Nawaz’s “conversion” from a normal Muslim to a radical Islamist was his supposed severe bullying and alienation as a teenager, thus forcing him into the arms of a global jihadist organization which he spent the next 15 years of his life partaking in. Yet a few days ago in the comments board of a telegraph article, i caught this:

    “Dave Skypelessons • 7 days ago ?
    I sat next to Mahjid Nawaz for 2 years, at school, when he was supposedly already a terrorist and apparently the victim of bullies. I liked him very much, and so did all my friends who still remember him. He was a popular guy. The idea of him being ‘bullied’ at my school is ridiculous. He was strong both physically and mentally, and he was far too big and clever to be the victim of bullying. I guarantee that he never came to school with any bruises and never went home with any.

    For this reason I don’t believe a single word that Mahjid Nawaz says. His story is very very similar to Tommy Robinson’s. I believe that they are both being used by the media to control our perception of extremists. This is why an ex terrorist now works for the BBC (and is standing for parliament!!!), and an ex EDL guy is now a media darling. Has Tommy Robinson thought of becoming a Liberal MP? Watch this space.”

    Now this might not seem like such a big deal, but the central premise of Nawaz’s foray into fanatical revolutionary Islam was based off this central premise, which if you believe his classmate was a lie. Therefore his “come to Damascus moment” in an Egyptian prison was also a lie. He hasn’t changed his goals, merely his tactics

  7. Rita, Chris things are going to get a lot worse and probably real soon, things are building to a major war being fought in all nations.

  8. What I saw was a bunch of leftard bbcers interviewing ‘the image of reason, class and normality,’this image projected by Mo, with his high fashion scarf, (to me was just a big
    fat ugly guy who cant look good in anything but a religious costume,) …and then speaking of Tommy as a wild animal they are in the process of taming,
    Clearly, Tommy has taken this path to try to change the tide, as he says in the doc, to attempt to get the moderates to have a stronger voice, and to protect his family and his life in his country.
    Easy to target a working class guy.
    But let me see, oh ya, there was Salmon Rushtie, he had to run for his life, live in hiding for over 10 years, , and is he still, partially, Ishrad manji, Tarek Fatah, and many other intellectual types, with serious fatwas on their lives, all these were intellectuals, but none with so great a following or political impact as this
    good ol working class guy…
    Here in Canada, we have not yet experienced the effects of such high percentages of islamics, and the ghettoized implications, however, we are close behind with each 100,000 to 200,000 more islamic immigrants that come into our country,each year…. many villiager types with the mentalities of backward savages, trying to adapt to a highly developed technilogical world, with modern values.
    What a sick joke
    EDL forever,
    Never surrender
    Tommy Taqiyya Forever,

  9. On one of the few EDL demos I attended I was confronted by a fellow demonstrator that introduced himself as Turkish. He said he was offended by my official Jihadwatch t shirt I was wearing claiming the red crescent on the back represented the the Turkish flag. After pointing out that it just represented Islam and not one particular country he threatened to “beat” me up if I didn’t remove it .Not wanting to make a scene in front of the press cameras I decided to remove it .He was obviously a fervent Turkish nationalist but what shook me more was that I later learned he was a friend of one of the EDL leaders.
    So I was not really surprised during TR interview on RT he inferred that he had no problem if the native Europeans became a minority in their own homelands. Although I can respect him for his courageous Anti Jihad stance, his clearly against nationhood.

  10. Antikythera I dont think Tommy believes the last point you stated. I think it is a key to let those of a multi cultural stance to be able to differentiate between ‘ nice ethnic british person and nut job muslim’.
    In reality this country has ethnically changed to the point it will never be completely white again. I believe we all bleed and die and what is important is the ideas inside a persons head. We still may have enough time to ensure it is not a muslim mind that takes over our culture. Better a life of noodles than byriani in my book. Best of all yhough is s good sundsy Sunday roast.

  11. You folks probably won’t like this, but I always thought that Robinson never had the intellectual capabilities to run the EDL and turn it into something bigger, broader and more powerful, to make it more mainstream and reach the 60% of Brits and Europeans who are against the islamisation of our countries. This doesn’t mean he didn’t do a good job until he switched sides, basically betraying his own people (what else would you call it?). Running such an organization takes more than a few demonstrations: you need money, many good lawyers, people from your own group running for higher office, a good PR department to win broad public support, collaborations with other groups and politicians etc. With the rising anti-Islam tide all across the western world, such an organization would have huge potential.

    I think what we should do is build a new organization which does just that.

    The islam-appeasing politicians know we can prevail, otherwise they wouldn’t make new laws like the EU which is trying to pass “A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE SUBMITTED WITH A VIEW TO BEING ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURES OF EUROPEAN STATES”, basically making any opposition to islam illegal.

  12. Ooh God!

    I am an essentialist. Civilization is a biological construct. Evolution didn’t magically halt in Africa. It didn’t magically halt with Pharoah or Moses, it didn’t halt with Christ or Pilate, nor did it halt with Mohammad and Heraclius. One of the reasons that the UK has slipped economically is the presence of Muslims and other undesirables. There is a simple reason why Finnland is so good at Maths. There is a simple inescapable reason why the UK is dropping down the league tables in Math and Science. The people are being steadily replaced, the raw material is now adulterated.

  13. This interview makes it painfully clear that the movement requires professional management.
    Why didn’t Tommy rehearse? He hadn’t prepared [or been prepared] for the interview. Rather than answer questions, he recycled phraseology from crowd-pleasing EDL exhortations. Creamy BBC vowels & consonates vs barely intelligible, machine-gun delivery.

    Norstok, you’re right:
    “Running such an organization takes more than a few demonstrations: you need money, many good lawyers, people from your own group running for higher office, a good PR department to win broad public support, collaborations with other groups and politicians etc.”

  14. He does lack delivery when addressing crowds / questions, but he spoke from his Heart, he is a “Man of the Street” and working Class, his Education sticks out a mile, but he was doing and saying things that we vote M.P’s in to do and say, and the crowds at the E.D.L. protest marches had nobody else to speak for them, the PEOPLE who were in the front line did not have a voice until Tommy put a face to the noise that was being made on a daily basis, good luck to him,but I only hope he doesn’t get covered in muzzie-ness and pulled in the wrong direction, after all – they STILL hate him just the same way they hate you and me……or should that and “I”.

  15. I’m ready to unpack this video.

    If it’s true that Ansar’s ancestors fought for the Empire, that’s all well and good. However, you’d have to find out why they fought. Did they do it for pay? For eventual independence? Anglophillia? for a visa? The Anglophile Muslims are not much of a problem. It’s the opportunists and the generally contempt-filled ones, about 70% or so. Ansar’s sentiments are not common, nor do they represent Muslim opinion of Brits.

  16. It’s a good point that motives matter, but from the look of it, Moe isn’t giving an honest account of his sentiments in any case. It’s really about taking the teeth out of opposition to ever-increasing Muslim presence and authority in Britain.

    “Could you concentrate behind a woman?”

    Moe almost seems to have a valid argument there, until you remember that the proclivities of many arselifters lead them to have their noses up the bums of other arselifters even when not arselifting. They’ll be distracted anyhow.

  17. Don c: Yes that was my fave bit of nonsense as well. Of course I would answer that as a muslim I don’t engage in these rituals because they are meant to focus people on sedition and evil and as such, a distraction such as a woman in front of me would be a welcome and gentle relief from the utter terror that islam would be foisting upon me. Tommy was on the spot however. Its easy for me to be be clever after thinking about it and not being on camera etc.

  18. @ G.Deckzeijl
    I think that there are members of the EDL posting here – hopefully still friends of Tommy Robinson – who will no doubt let him know.

  19. How the hell can he tell if it’s a man or a woman in front of him…Christ.!!!!..just look at the size of tony blair’s latest family convert.

  20. Oh so this is a right wing website for right wing only people to make themselves feel better about their beliefs. Crack on guys… however you might want to read a few books or check out History as you guys are essentially everything the British fought against in WW2… yes that’s right, you are all fascists. Unlucky. Try read a book or 2 before you burn them all (IE burn the truth)

  21. Luke:

    Which president did more to preserve individual liberty, religious freedoms, non-bias in media? Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama?

    And while you furiously type your anti-Reagan answer remember the carpenters lament. “Think twice, type once”

    Because I would trust anyone on this site to defend your rights to speech and conscience before I would trust yours to protect ours. Or any of the historical leftist leaders like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, (Yes he was a leftist. A national communist instead of an international one) in fact, I think you grossly misread what the British and Americans and Canadians fought for in WW2 and for that matter, WW1.

    I think you also misread history and the word ‘fascist’ by which I presume you mean totalitarian as opposed to the means of production in private hands but at the behest of the state, as Obama is doing with more and more industries.

    I’ll tell you what Luke, just to show we are nice guys here.

    Read the history of WW2. Read what the word NAZI means, what it is an anagram for. Find out what Fascism actually is and what this site is about then come back and post again.

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