Emergency email sent to students at the university of Saskatchewan

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From: U of S Announcement [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 8:15 AM
Subject: Engineering Incident Update

Wednesday’s precautionary sweep by hazmat officials, of an engineering chemistry lab, was prompted by a student who threatened the potential use of dangerous chemicals. This student was arrested after a search of his home revealed chemicals stolen from the university. He has been charged with theft and remains in police custody pending a court appearance today.

The student’s name is Mohamadmahdi Kowsari. A photograph is attached.

Out of concern for the safety of our community, the president has suspended this student and banned him from the University of Saskatchewan.  Any sighting or knowledge of this student on campus property should be reported to Saskatoon Police Service or Protective Services immediately.

This incident is a reminder that our campus is home to many hazardous materials because of the nature of the work that we do. Day to day, these are handled under strict adherence to safety standards and procedures. We must continue this diligence in our handling of such materials and never hesitate to report concerns or unusual activity.

If you notice unusual activity or have concerns about safety, please report them to Protective Services. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

David Hannah

Crisis Management Team

AVP Student Affairs

[link didn’t work, photo below]

For more information, contact:
Protective Services at 306-966-4506

Sent to faculty, staff and students by Internal Communications


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5 Replies to “Emergency email sent to students at the university of Saskatchewan”

  1. what a lovely clean cut handsome young islamic immigrant
    or was he born here, although the extremists just started moving into
    Saskatchewan around 2000, maybe he just saw a great opportunity
    to steal from these unprotected labs…
    Is their gigantic mosque built yet?
    the only way to stop these insects is

  2. This should be a lesson to the rest of the worlds Universities to institute some safety practicals, this should be done but it probably won’t.

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