News links for Oct. 25 2013 – 2

1. Bulgaria is going to build a wall to stop refugees

2. In the UK it is now a minor crime to describe someone by describing them. No matter what the purpose.

A disabled pensioner claims she has been banned from using the Sainsbury’s home delivery service after describing one of their drivers as a ‘coloured gentleman’.

Marian Burke, 73, says she used the term entirely innocently to refer to a ‘lovely’ deliveryman who works for the supermarket.

But she says a manager at Sainsbury’s immediately branded her a racist for saying the word and said her custom was no longer welcome.

3.  Bomb in Damascus kills 20

4. But what of the baby ducks! Who will save the baby ducks! Enviorn-mental-ists release hundreds of captive minks into the wild where they feast on hundreds of baby ducks.  

5. Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing “Islamophobia”

Unfortunately, the OIC has been fairly successful in passing UN resolutions that if implemented, would have the effect of stifling speech that “defames religions.”  Of course, the OIC is only concerned with the defamation of Islam.

6. More video from Damascus. I must say, lots of religions can arguably be distilled  down to a single idea. Buddhism, the cessation of suffering for the self and all sentient beings, Judaism, arguing about minutia till the the Chinese food arrives, Catholicism, Arguing about sports till the bars close and so on. But Islam, it all seems to be about high energy chemistry and screaming two words till everyone is dead.

7. Mohamadmahdi Kowsari, University student suspended for hazardous chemical scare. Saskatoon Sask. Canada

8. Article on the decline of The Church in Europe. 

(Maybe if there was a church that actually backed European culture and offered a bulwark from Islam they would see a few new members. If I could find a Spanish church that still respected St. James Matamoros I would be sorely tempted to join it.

9.Teenager, 18, sentenced for biting officer while being arrested for wearing a niqab appears in French appeal court… in burkha

10. A muslim rapist imagined that his victim wanted it, and apologized when impotence caused him to not complete the rape as he had planned it.

(I’m sure she would prefer that death had caused him to not start it in the first place had she a choice in the matter.)



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10 Replies to “News links for Oct. 25 2013 – 2”

  1. 2/ Beyond a joke now….. and I am seething!

    10/ Apologising to a victim for rape-fail is like Hitler apologising to a Jew for not killing him. Muslims are like sick dogs or cats, they really need to be put down.

  2. #8: What chance with a Muslima-Feet-snogging Pope!

    #9. This so-called law (no burka in public places) whose highest punishment is some 200 Euros theoretically, is never upheld. Police have been emasculated by the France-Men-White-hating minister for Justice, Christine Taubira and cannot even fight back, when they are attacked and finish in hospital.

    As to the French Courts: I was present at one of the anti-French show-trials in the 17th chamber of the Paris court, when tax-payer funded muslim/leftist organisations (5 of them) made the process to the Editor and his muslim-born co-editor of “Riposte Laique”. It was one of the coldest winter days in Paris (14 January), we all duly, as requested by law, took off our bonnets and hats in front of the tribunal – while the muslimas kept their offensive chadors and veils on their heads.

    Someone once told me: “it’s amazing how much one can still vomit when one thinks one has finished”.

  3. 10. Its the UK, after he serves 6 months and does a week of community service he’ll get a chance to practice some more, and maybe finally get his 3 inches of manhood off the ground.

  4. 7. Got an email from my brother who attends the University of Saskatchewan today. This emergency email was sent campus wide:

    From: U of S Announcement [[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 8:15 AM
    Subject: Engineering Incident Update

    Wednesday’s precautionary sweep by hazmat officials, of an engineering chemistry lab, was prompted by a student who threatened the potential use of dangerous chemicals. This student was arrested after a search of his home revealed chemicals stolen from the university. He has been charged with theft and remains in police custody pending a court appearance today.

    The student’s name is Mohamadmahdi Kowsari. A photograph is attached.

    Out of concern for the safety of our community, the president has suspended this student and banned him from the University of Saskatchewan. Any sighting or knowledge of this student on campus property should be reported to Saskatoon Police Service or Protective Services immediately.

    This incident is a reminder that our campus is home to many hazardous materials because of the nature of the work that we do. Day to day, these are handled under strict adherence to safety standards and procedures. We must continue this diligence in our handling of such materials and never hesitate to report concerns or unusual activity.

    If you notice unusual activity or have concerns about safety, please report them to Protective Services. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

    David Hannah

    Crisis Management Team

    AVP Student Affairs

    KOWSARI, Mohamadmahdi.jpg

    For more information, contact:
    Protective Services at 306-966-4506

    Sent to faculty, staff and students by Internal Communications

  5. Mohammed “threatened the potential use of dangerous chemicals” and police charged him with THEFT?

    Hopefully that is the beginning of this story and not the end.

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