News links for Oct 24 2013 – 3

1. France in “major operation” against the usual suspects in Mali.

Video link here story link above. BBC link here

2. Syria war spills over to Lebanon where 4 are killed.

3. Egypt: Police fled before the jihad attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary

4. Second Islamist office burned in Tunisia

5. Syrian Jihadist calls on Belgian “youth” to either come to Syria to fight or carry out attacks “in heart of Europe”

The group ‘Islamic State Isis’ has distributed a video in which a Jihad warrior from Belgium calls for Jihad. “I first want to focus my message to the descendants of apes and pigs.”

The masked man addresses a number of Arabic texts directly to the Belgian people: . “We have left everything, so that Islam would dominate everywhere. […]

6. Two Americans kidnapped by pirates after oil supply vessel attacked

Piracy. It’s a growth business in Africa. 

7. US politician seeks to end all UN participation. 

(It has become very rare to see anyone, much more so politicians, actually speak and act on obvious truths. Quite refreshing. If you are American, please consider signing his petition.)

8. Romania charges ex-chief of Communist prison with genocide

(At last. I cannot believe how long it is taking before communists are held to the same standards as everyone else. Their genocidal actions makes Hitler look like a sophomore. The Holomodor in the Ukraine alone bests the Nazi genocide)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Taffy in Canada,  M, Fjordman and all.

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15 Replies to “News links for Oct 24 2013 – 3”

  1. 7/ The U.N. headquarters are in New York, if I’m not mistaken.
    If a U.S. politician really intends to finish with U.N. participation, then he should concentrate on kicking the entire shambles out and let them have a base in Mecca, Kabul, Qom or somewhere else more appropriate to their devious little needs.
    It’s not enough just to end participation – these traitors must also be shown the door!

  2. I thought that the UN HQ should be on an island.

    In such a way the bureaucrats, politicians et al of any nation could not harm the civilians of another nation by rape, murder, drunken driving etc.

    If you vet and train all you UN staff then you could ensure their safety.

    It would cut down on espionage also. It would free up a lot of FBI agents doing counter intelligence.

    We could use St Helena, Bermuda or maybe a small island in the Pacific.

    No infidel can step foot in Mecca. It would exclude ambassadors and staffs of many countries.

    Jeddah would work though. Maybe the Saudis would scream to host the uppity foreign service staffs of the other 56 Muslim nations.

    While they are at it they should move the UN out of Austria and Switzerland also.

    If the UN was on a small island and not in a modern city with conveniences and places to shop of debauch themselves maybe more real work would get done. As it is, it is an excuse for 3rd world officials to leave their countries and live it up in a 1st world country.

  3. We need a new United Nations. Call it something else…. I don’t know… the United Free Nations or something.
    It should consist just of Canada, the U.S. Britain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan maybe… perhaps Russia, perhaps not…. but whatever it consists of, no Muzz and no Third World sewers.
    I realise that my choices are flawed (how could we have the U.S with Obama in charge?), but that’s not the point. It’s a brainstorm, an idea, and not a well thought out conclusion.
    The point that I am trying to make is that the U.N. is corrupt. It’s dominated by the OIC.
    Let’s start our own League of Nations – no commies, no banana republics, no dictatorships, and definitely no Muzz.. We could even let China be part of it.
    If it consists of all the great powers and democracies, but no Sharia-fucked goat-lickers then who cares what the rest of the poxy world thinks?
    Imagine a World organisation run by European nations, North America and all the other great civilisations instead of one run by barbarians, retards, wife-beaters and superstitious, camel-bedding kiddy-fiddlers!

  4. A name… Let me think on that, Softly

    Where they might relocate? Where are those islands used to test nukes? Deemed uninhabitable, but that’s no biggie.

  5. I like the island idea. No more buildings collapsing on our “homeland”. [I hate that term applied to my country. Sounds straight from the Volga.]

    As an optimist, I’m assuming we’ll survive as a nation after the heinous traitor leaves office.

    However, we’ll no longer be a super-power. Which means we don’t get to name our new organization.

  6. Re # 8: I hope the Romanian authorities are also investigating the number of people who, as political prisoners, were ‘diagnosed’ as mentally ill during the communist regime, put in dreadful psychiatric ‘hospitals’ (ie prisons), treated with massive amounts of toxic drugs, lived in filthy conditions, and were starved of proper food. All with the complicity of doctors and psychiatrists.

  7. #2 We all knew the fighting in Syria was going to spread, Lebanon is just the first place it is spreading to.

    #6 Merchant vessels use to be allowed to be armed, the socialist governments of the world stopped this because of their fear that people might fight back, let the owners of the ships arm them and train the crews this will stop the pirates.

    #7 Yucki Bikini doesn’t glow in the dark but no rational person wants to spend time there, it is so radioactive the natives are prevented from returning home, the isotopes are ones that have a very long half live, I understand it will be several hundred years before it is safe to live there.

    The UN started as the nations fighting Germany and Japan during WWII, after the war its goal was to prevent more large scale wars. They didn’t prevent any but the fear of nuclear war did, now Obama and the left are letting Iran get nuclear weapons that they will use so there is no reason for the UN to exist much longer. In my opinion it will follow the league of nations down the waste hole of history in the coming major war.

  8. #7 Yucki Bikini doesn’t glow in the dark but no rational person wants to spend time there, it is so radioactive the natives are prevented from returning home, the isotopes are ones that have a very long half live, I understand it will be several hundred years before it is safe to live there.

    I’d risk the radiation, it’s safer than living with Muzzies. I would rather live ten years in paradise and then die from cancer, than live for a week next to some wailing mosque.

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