German Salafi leader speaks on sending people to Syria for jihad

As much as this video is revealing about the Islamic zeitgeist, I did enjoy hearing, and perhaps for the first time, an opinion from a deeply religious Muslim leader with which I could agree 100% and without reservation. It felt good actually to realize that devout Muslims and I could have some important common ground.

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  1. It amazes me that in our safety-obsessed, risk-averse world we would allow such an incredibly dangerous person to wander around free. We’re too frightened to open a bottle of Tylenol without a special safety apparatus on the lid, but we let would-be suicide bombers like the asshole in the video walk around free. He should be living his days out in a humane-but-secure POW camp. If he tries to escape, shoot him.

  2. This is yet another indication that our policy since 9/11, either by design or happenstance, has been the correct one.

    The problem is not the “radicals” but the vast majority of so-called moderate Muslims.

    It is unfortunate, but to avoid a calamitous civil war in Europe, there has to be complete separation of Islam and Muslims from the West.

  3. Wonder what else is HUNDRED times (and possibly even more) underestimated… Concerning the allegedly free stuff – dear Mr Hunt – who is paying the f*cking electricity bills? How can you derive some “hundred times figure” if this stuff is for free? Oh I see – it is free at the point of use. But that – that is just some trick. Unfortunately for you some witty foreigners quickly figured out how to exploit your delusions.

    The TRUE cost of health tourism: Foreigners using NHS cost Britain up to £2BILLION a year, government report reveals…up to 100 times more than thought (dailymail, Oct 22, 2013)
    Foreign visitors and short-term migrants cost the NHS £2billion a year, an official report warns today.
    The first comprehensive assessment of ‘health tourism’ says the true cost to taxpayers is up to 100 times bigger than some estimates. It concluded the Health Service has ‘some of the most generous rules in the world’. And it even found evidence of relatives of migrants taking advantage of visits to Britain to have free treatment … Mr Hunt said: ‘Having a universal health service free at the point of use rightly makes us the envy of the world, but we must make sure the system is fair to the hardworking British taxpayers who fund it…”

  4. – DP111

    This is what people do not understand. There is no satisfactory way to negotiate with the Muslims because they do not seek a “win-win” solution, so the only sane course of action is to avoid them completely. Anyone who gets themselves embroiled with the Muslims will find themselves in a fight that lasts forever against an enemy that never gives an inch, and never, ever gives up. They are not reasonable. Do we want to be watching the nightly car-burning report on the news right after the latest nail-bomb going off in a pizza parlor? Do we want murderous, rock-throwing crowds surging through the streets chanting “Allahu akbar as they demand Sharia law and a “homeland”, as well as special privileges, for themselves? Do we want our media literally too afraid for their lives to utter the least objection? Do we want to one day be forced to get down on our knees, stick our bottoms skyward in what can only be described as the anal-submissive position, and submit five-times-a-day to a god who hates us along with our country, our history, our religions, and everyone we’ve ever known or loved? Yes. We should avoid Islam…

  5. Returning jihadists are being “monitored by security forces.”

    Doesn’t seem enough somehow. Then we hear that after their return,

    “they are monitored VERY closely by intelligence services.”

    Guess that’s all right then.

  6. Chris

    You are absolutely right. The question that arises, and has plagued me for over ten years, is how to achieve the separation without violating our own liberal principles. If we violate our principles then Muslims can rightfully claim that they abided by their rules, but we abandoned our own sacrosanct principles, when push came to shove.

    I think the path we are on as a Western polity as a whole, is the right one. Time will tell, but so far the portends are good.

  7. Dan

    Muslims cannot integrate with any any other community, as Islam forbids it. It is we who have to assimilate with Islam and Muslims.

    Any serious attempt to integrate Muslims and Islam into Western culture will be regarded as an attack on Islam, and thus trigger an all out Jihad against us. It is koranically justified, and will attract Jihadis from all over the world, as well as EU Muslims, who can enter UK otr sany other European country without question.

    Bearing this in mind, any serious attempt to integrate Islam in the West, has to be Europe wide.

    Should be this done?

    Yes. A concerted Western approach to integrating Muslims must be attempted, with the stated aim of making a good multicultural society. Thankfully, I and very possibly, the strategists know that it will lead to failure of the stated aim, but a success of the unstated objective.

  8. DP111

    If you are right about that, creating the conditions for widespread civil war is a hell of a way to achieve the objective.

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