News links for Oct. 21 2013 – 3

1. For the ‘Muslim Doctor’ files: Hospital surgeon ‘followed 24-year-old woman patient to her car to grope her after back pain examination’

A ‘pervert’ hospital surgeon followed a patient to her car after examining her for back pain – and groped her while she trustingly let him re-examine her, a jury has heard.

The 24-year-old blonde woman was molested in a secluded corner of the hospital car park after the 40-year-old orthopaedic specialist climbed into the car with her.

2. US Secretary of State Kerry seeks to ease tension in France over NSA spying claims

(The US was also busted for hacking into the President of Mexico’s private Email account. There is one good thing to come of all these revelations however. The stench of sanctimony coming from his supporters has now faded to the point where you can nearly stand to be on an elevator with one)

3. More Libyan Fallout: Intel Finds Advanced US Weapons Were Stolen, Sold Abroad

WASHINGTON – The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that a huge amount of weapons from Libya was transferred to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida-aligned militias.

4. Terrorists among us: Militant’s wife behind Volgograd suicide blast

The 30-year-old female suicide bomber responsible for the deadly blast in Volgograd, central Russia, was a Dagestani national and allegedly the wife of a militant. She reportedly converted her husband to radical Islam to join the Dagestan rebels.

5. United NationsOut of the 102 countries taking the floor today, over 80 of them praised Saudi Arabia.

6. A persecuted minority facing genocide turns to Russia for help to avoid extermination. 

7. Anger as West Ham fans turn on own Muslim supporters as they pray under a main stand

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7 Replies to “News links for Oct. 21 2013 – 3”

  1. Boko turds doing what they do best – slaughtering random people.

    Gunmen attack motorists in Nigeria, kill 4 (CNN, Oct 21, 2013)
    “Gunmen suspected of being members of the Islamist group Boko Haram attacked motorists in northeastern Nigeria on Sunday, killing four, authorities said. Nigerian Army spokesman Brigadier Genera Ibrahim Attahiru said the men, dressed in military clothing, launched the attack on a remote road in between Ikwa and Gamboru-Ngala in Borno State, close to the border of Cameroon. “The military responded in hot pursuit of the terrorists and killed several of them,” he said…”

  2. #6 “The letter says that Western-backed terrorists are prepared to go to any lengths to wipe Christians from Syria. They now see Russia as the guarantor of “peace and stability” in their country.”

    The West’s citizens are next to plea for their lives from their impoverishing governments and the Islam they installed. And the game is over.

  3. re: #6

    Even though our intervention in Syria follows the general strategic plan, in the case of Syria, the presence of Syrian Christians, should have modified the plan to safeguard Christians.

    Unfortunately, this would mean that were were favouring Christians, thus turning a secular strategy into a religious one. This apparently is not acceptable at the present moment as its not acceptable for the policy, as well as domestic considerations, just as it was not in Iraq.

  4. Its really sad that Christians, the most persecuted minority in the world, is given such a hard time to get asylum in Christian countries, that they have to seek help from Russia – a country where Christians were viciously persecuted by the thoroughly evil Marxist communists.

    On a more general level, Muslims cannot integrate with any any other community, as Islam forbids it. It is we who have to assimilate with Islam and Muslims.

    Any serious attempt to integrate Muslims and Islam into Western culture will be regarded as an attack on Islam, and thus trigger an all out Jihad against us. It is koranically justified, and will attract Jihadis from all over the world, as well as EU Muslims, who can enter without question.

    Bearing this in mind, any serious attempt to integrate Islam in the West, has to be Europe wide.

    This is one advantage of the EU, and a very important one at that, that mitigates my desire to be away with the EU.

  5. #2 first you have to remember that Obama thinks all of the traditional allies of the US are evil and must be punished. Second the left has spent decades teaching the camp guard attitude to people, as long as they are ordered to commit the crime they think it is the responsibility of their supervisors.

    #3 more likely they were given to the terrorists and reported stolen.

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