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10 Replies to “At the UN, It’s always Halloween”

  1. I am staggered nearly everyday, more and more ,that many people around me cannot see the absurdity of the Islamic situation. Richard I fear we are in reality mode whilst many others are on a delusional plain.

  2. Surely a basic human right is to be seen as a real and recognizable person, unique in all the world—not an indistinguishable black shrouded figure. This right was not enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights probably because it was assumed to be a given, and it may be seen to be part-and-parcel of some other rights. But it needs to be clearly enunciated. Black talking shrouds are anathema to the concept of human rights.

  3. When our Western societies established the principal of freedom of religion, it was to protect us from religious persecution, not to give Muslims something to hide behind while they take over the world. Islam calls directly for the murder of Christians, Jews, and all other non-believers. Islam is a crime. Islam should be banned and the Holy Quran, burnt.

  4. Truth, I bet they don’t.
    Security nightmare. If for no other reason, we should kick the UN out of this country. Imagine what would happen if one of those black bags exploded while some head of state was addressing that lot.

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