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4 Replies to “Fire breaks out in another Canadian train crash.”

  1. If enough cars blow up then we’ll use pipelines.

    Then they will blow up pipelines.

    Why not they have already downed powerlines around Caledonia and they were not arrested or investigated.

    There is too much infrastructure to protect to guard it all.

    So staying on the defense is not a longterm survivable option.

    The penalty for hurting our society has to be significant enough for the other side to want to stop. No matter how angry or crazy they act for the most part that is an act, a tactic to cow people. They are quite rational.

    With 6 billion people in the world we are not going to be able to live like we did in Medieval times, iron age or bronze age times. It is simply not possible. If 6.5 million or 6,9 billion people died off we would not be able to live a that tech level.

    If the saboteurs want to live at a level in which the neolithic looks like a good deal then they should keep doing what they are doing.

  2. Western society are build on trust between people. This trust is now broken and it will only get worse. Our leaders will NOT act before they them self are in danger.

    Snaphanen.dk have a post and a picture that tell the story, bluntly.



    Anna Mee Allerslev is Copenhagen’s Mayor of Integration and surround her self with armed police when she “visits” what is known to be emigrant-heavy areas.

    They know that people need protection in that area, but they will only protect them self.

  3. That picture of “Integration” Mayor Anna Mee Allerslev visiting one of Copenhagen’s enriched areas is worth a thousand words.

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