Canadian Amer-Indians use violence to stop police executing court order to begin exploration for energy resources.

In my opinion, and at the risk of being lumped in with Alex Jones (who actually manufactures material with which to make absurd claims) this could be argued to be a proxy war between Canada and Saudi Arabia who I suspect of funding ‘environmental’ groups and Amer-Indian bands to stop any form of energy development in Canada. I have some evidence for this, but for the moment suffice it to say that we never see protests about the importation of staggering amounts of oil from Saudi and other totalitarian nations which pretty much live off nothing but oil revenues.

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  1. Not sure what to say about this other than I’m siding with the Indians. Not against exploration, but am against fracking which is contaminating local water and land sources in the U.S. People and animals are getting sick.

    Don’t know enough about Indians involved with Saudi Arabia, nor would I support the Saudis, but, regardless I take a stand with the Indians.

    Really, now, what could be expected from them? They have a history of spirit, determination, and courage.

    I don’t approve of shooting their guns, but again, if all else fails, sometimes revolting works. They are probably sick and tired of white men walking all over them.

  2. Well, when they start walking all over them they paper the walkway with dollars to the tune of more than 7Billion dollars, which affords these “Protesters” to scoot here and there blocking this and that. Always where much needed jobs are being created. The Feds should identify these do-nothings, and make sure that they actually had to work to support their protesting, by cutting All federal funding to them and theirs.

  3. To add to this, legally, these people should be dealt with as terrorists. Because of Caledonia, they feel entitled. They are becoming our Palestinians, and should be stopped in their tracks, before these protests go too far.

  4. Hello there……..its me again……..Don Laird……..

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!


    THIS JUST IN!!!!!

    This wave of violence has communities in the Rexton, New Brunswick on edge and now, a horrific and tragic series of events have pushed the town and its Indian denizens to the edge of complete breakdown……

    Early this afternoon, in the heart of Rexton New Brunswick, Buffalo Bills Bingo Palace burned to the ground, unfortunately the nearby KFC and the Liquor Barn, exposed to the severe heat and spark also went up in flames.

    This has been classified by the United Nations as a humanitarian tragedy. Grief counselors have been called in are expected to arrive on scene shortly.

    The federal government has been quick to respond and called the air-wing of the Armed Forces to fly in with emergency personnel who are bringing with them emergency relief supplies consisting of skids of “Honest Injun Whisky”, tribe size buckets of KFC, portable “healing tents”, several bales of sweetgrass and for the readers in the protest, a few dozen copies of “INDIANS AND BINGO; A LOVE STORY”.

    Shaun Atleo, Grand Chief of the First Nations has extended his support to the Indian freedom fighters but regrets he will not be able to attend personally as he has been hospitalized with a severe case of the “zacklies”……….his breath smells “zackly” like Pam Palmater’s beaver………

    Pam Palmater will attend and has herself just recovered from the zacklies as well……..yes……doctors had diagnosed Pam Palmater as having breath that smelled “zackly” like Judy Rebicks’ beaver………

    Judy Rebick, attending a convention of “International Association of Ugly Bitches Who Munch Carpets”, was unavailable for comment………

    On the issue of this severe outbreak of the “zacklies”…….no word from the PMO

    (Pictures at 11 pm)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Oil money corrupts, but Gulf oil money corrupts absolutely. My main problem with the Ethical Oil position is not the environmental issue, but that the Canadian oil industry accepts investment from countries like Kuwait. I find the defense of this at unconvincing:

    “[W[hen capital from Kuwait and China comes to Canada, it does mean more support for our ethical oil. That not only means capital redirected away from investments in less ethical countries; it also means more capital used to bring yet more of our ethical oil to market. And the more ethical oil we can bring to the world, the more we can finally break the stranglehold that conflict oil countries have had on the global oil market for so long.”

    That appears to mean: It is better if a bad country invests in a good country than in another bad country, because investment is neither good nor bad in itself, it is just capital. The more capital a good country gets, no matter the source, the better. Enough capital will allow a good country to compete effectively with all the bad countries.

    Right. Except that now, the better the good country does, the better it is for the bad country. If the good country does poorly, that also benefits the bad country. They just go back to selling their own oil.

    Meanwhile, their involvement in Canadian oil inevitably affords the Kuwaitis more opportunities to buy influence in other ways. Mosque-funding and assistance with Middle Eastern Studies programs, to name two.

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