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7 Replies to “So Snowden was lying or this guy isn’t quitting. But it can’t be both ways.”

  1. Snowden is lying, and the NSA Head is staying.
    Snowden is truthful and so the NSA Head is going so that It ‘looks’ like we’ll have a Brand New Head we can trust. And business as usual.

  2. I mean if Snowdon was lying and the NSA were not violating American’s 4th amendment rights then the head of it would not be leaving. But as he is leaving it tends to indicate that Snowdon’s allegations of massive and grotesque destruction of democratic principles are correct or else why start chopping heads? Frankly we already know as so many senior execs have admitted it already and apparently more to come.

    What will it take for Americans to riot in the streets? Negative index billing for cable TV I guess, like Canadians.

  3. If Obama has the authority to send him packing, why isn’t it possible Snowden is lying and Obama wants Americans to lose faith in our institutions so that we weaken our security for the illusion of more freedoms? I don’t trust Snowden or Obama at this point, I think the Guardian is more interested in releasing valuable data they don’t fully understand while implying that it therefore means the legal provisions used have been abused. We already know Obama is willing to advance political agenda over national security by removing Islam from CIA/FBI manuals.

  4. He said the revelations were good so that there could be a debate, but I don’t recall this ever happening formally. He hasn’t really defended the NSA or explained its procedures/reassured the public

  5. MSM and Obama have done a very good job at deflecting blame directed towards his administration. This alliance has meant an increase in perception that our governing system is fundamentally broke (Constitution). MSNBC pushed this narrative in regards to the recent “shutdown.”

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