Riots in Belgium. Arrest of muslim criminal was the cause.

From Live Leak (H/T Golem Bar)

Riots and violence escalate in Belgian Muslim suburb after police attempt arrest

On Friday afternoon, when police went to arrest a Muslim man in the Flanders suburb of Muelenberg which is considered a “no-go zone” by the Belgium authorities, they were met by fierce resistance from the family and friends of the suspect, which spilled out into the street, and as a result the suspect was able to escape. That night, police returned with 80 officers, and were pelted with rocks. Five Muslims were arrested along with the suspect. There are ongoing riots and one Officer has been critically injured as a result of a fractured skull.

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5 Replies to “Riots in Belgium. Arrest of muslim criminal was the cause.”

  1. Once again the Moslems prove they don’t believe in infidel law and order, only Moslems can arrest Moslems and then only for offenses against Sharia.

  2. Simple solution, round them up and deport them all.
    If you break the law you carry out your sentence, then you and your extended family are sent back to a Muslim land. Any land will do.
    All we need is politicians with a spine.

  3. I totally second that solution: round them up, and deport the whole soukh. Put them on a plane and boot them out over dar-al-islam. We’ll be generous enough to throw in a parachute.

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