News links for Oct 13 2013 – 2

1. Another terror raid in London. Many arrests but no names that I have seen yet.

1a. Sky News

1b. BBC News

2. Blazing Cat Fur vastly improved the Turkish flag flying at the Ottawa Police Station today.

ottawa police services flying a turkish flag armenian genocide

3. More scenes from Moscow as riots continue due to the muslim who stabbed a Russian

4. USA: Police confront a march by veterans.

5. Catholic Bishop in Scandinavia thinks Mohamed represents God exactly as well as Jesus. (Well, in a way he does. If there is an antichrist, then there has to be a Christ, right?)

6. Video of aftermath of explosion in Syria

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  1. It will be the centenary of the Armenian holocaust in 2015. Since Canada officially recognises the Greek and Armenian genocides I wonder what plans the Ottawa Police have in place to commemorate the holocaust .

  2. #5 You are right.

    I wonder if Obama and company are learning that the US public doesn’t like them and doesn’t want their agenda forced down our throats?

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