News links for Oct. 10 2013 – 3

1. Amazing video of lake of boiling lava in active volcano. <– in link and below

2. 10 News Investigators find memo warning about terrorist “dry-runs” on airplanes

Security memo here

3. Typically, one knows if an entertainer is not a leftist because they shut up about politics. Leftists of course, especially in the case of musicians, often spend more time ranting about leftist politics and against conservative points of view more than actually playing or singing, and acting as if its a daring and rebellious point of view. Conservatives tend to say little or nothing about their views and stick to their show. A laudable position in fact as I find it a little repugnant to use ones public platform earned in one way to leverage another, and another for which you may not actually have any real skills.

However given that the leftists have completely captured the culture and have steered the ship of state into an iceberg that would make the Titanic proud, it is nice to see a well known actor come out of the closet and voice an opinion of reason or two. Thank you James Woods. As you know, outing yourself as a conservative will cost you. Yes, conservative in a way, is the new gay.

4. Greek Youth Unemployment Hits 55% as Labour Market Buckles


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  1. #2 As Obama disarms us the jihadists are getting ready to make more large scale attacks.

    #3 It is unlikely that James Wood will ever work again, for this reason I will buy DVDs of all of his movies that I can afford, we need to support every actor that outs themselves as conservatives.

    #4 This is going to be a very hard time for Greece, the unemployed of all ages are going to be easily recruited into radical groups.

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