News links for Oct. 5 2013 – 4

1. More from the Warsaw, OSCE convention. Here, a genuine human rights worker speaks on FGM in Europe. Originally in German, below is the English voice over version.

2. Morocco teens held for kissing photo on Facebook

Ibtissame Lachgar, co-founder of the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties (MALI) has launched a campaign to post one million copycat photos online in support of the teenagers.

3. Horrific video of Syria’s sex slaves. Another advantage of Obama’s allies creating anarchy and ultra religious rule in Syria. (H/T Don L) This is a Journeyman Picture.

(Heads up: while this upload is 2 days old at LiveLeak, its actually around a year old and I have posted it here at Vlad before, so you may have seen it before. If not, its worth seeing if it is your first time)

4. Robert Spencer in Silicon Valley (Very good)

5. Clare Lopez on Ottawa talk radio Oct 5 2013

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  1. #4. People who follow VladTepes are more or less informed about the cancer that is attacking the globe, but still: this hour listening to Robert Spencer is well worth it, and we should distribute it as far and wide as we can.

    @Martin: Your output is amazing. Thanks.

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