News links for Oct. 5 2013 – 3

1. Pakistan: Muslim group says jihad attack on historic church that murdered 83 was “according to the Sharia”

2. CCTV footage of the Westgate Mall in Kenya showing the Muslims who slaughtered all those unarmed and innocent people.

3. Many schools in Ontario seem to be canceling the wearing of Halloween costumes this year for some reason.

4. Libyan gunmen kill 15 soldiers

5. Oct 5 Interview with Tunisian Jihadists from ISIL in Aleppo’s Countryside

6. Kenya’s military spokesman names attackers

7. Taliban sexually abuse suicide bombers during training, NDS says

Taliban militants are drug and sexually abuse boys whom they are training to carry out terror acts, Afghan officials say.

8. NSA director admits to misleading public on terror plots

In so many words, NSA director Keith Alexander admitted Wednesday that the Obama administration had issued misleading information about terror plots and their foiling to bolster support for the government’s vast surveillance apparatus.

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Grace, Softly Bob,

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3 Replies to “News links for Oct. 5 2013 – 3”

  1. That Peshawar church attack is an obvious false flag op, so I’m fascinated to see this new assertion that an alleged TTP spox said it’s not against shariah — something AQ/TB shura would absolutely not say (unless there’s more to context of his remark that narrows it significantly). – ER

  2. #3 Calling Halloween Spirit Day will not placate the Muslims.

    They have not placated the Muslims, they have alienated many non-Muslims and they have made culture a little more vanilla.

    Watch these same people saying they like other cultures better because in the West the mainstream culture is so white bread.

    Anyone who calls the European or Western cultures “White bread” are lying and defining the debate.

    Calling European cultures “white bread” are fighting words.

    There are too many books and too much knowledge out there saying Western culture is “white bread” because of ignorance.

  3. #8 is very significant,it will take time for this to become public knowledge but we have had a break in the wall of silence.

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