In recognition of the Ottawa Police celebration of Islamic history month, today’s Islamic history fact


Banner in Ottawa Police station Elgin St. Oct 2013

In the early days of the founder of Islam’s career as a geopolitical class pirate, he took his gang and attacked the peaceful, diverse and multicultural city of Mecca and lost. Mohamed signed a peace treaty agreeing not to attack again for 10 years which he broke 2 years later when he attacked again and won. Immediately the diversity of Mecca was ended as all religious iconography was destroyed to make way for the religion for which, he was the sole authority.

This action became the template for Islamic military deception and became known as, The treaty of Hudaibiya.

Muslims used this tactic repeatedly throughout its 1400 year bloody and treacherous history.

No links are provided as this historical fact is important enough that I would hope all will research it themselves and correct me where necessary, or augment, in the comments.


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3 Replies to “In recognition of the Ottawa Police celebration of Islamic history month, today’s Islamic history fact”

  1. That is exactly how it happened. No decent person would admire Mohammed if they knew the truth about him, but somehow, it is considered “racist” to even acknowledge that fact. The Saudis spend billions of dollars on Middle Eastern Studies Departments in universities all over the world with the express purpose of stifling the very information that you are providing. Islam is, in fact, a big goddamn murder conspiracy, and they’ll do anything to keep the Infidel from figuring that out.

    How do you think they got George W. to say that Islam was a religion of peace? I’ll betcha the leading American “expert” on Islamic studies (John Esposito) probably marched right into the Oval Office and blew taqiyya smoke up the Mr. President’s ass. Betcha that’s what happened…

  2. “War is deceit.”

    – Mohammed, Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Numbers 267, 268, 269

    “In war, one must never let oneself be bound by formal considerations; the peace treaty is a means to gather our strength.”

    – Lenin, quoted in The Long Pretense: Soviet Treaty Diplomacy from Lenin to Gorbachev, by Arnold Beichman (1991)

    From the Forward by William F. Buckley:

    “The opinion leaders of the West have a naïve habit of trying to predict Soviet behavior by focusing on the personality of the current leader. The forecasts are always rosy…”

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