News links for Oct. 4 2013 – 1

1. Muslims Of Calgary Invite Unindicted WTC Bombing Conspirator Who Advises Canadians Are The Enemies Of Islam To Youth Event

2. Kenya clashes leave several dead

Rioters set fire to a church in the area on Friday, Reuters news agency reported. Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

3. Today’s 2nd Islamic history special. Islam’s war on China. Found here

(WARNING: The history in this video is suspect. It is just nice to see islamic invaders getting their buts handed to them)

4. Ex-president Klaus says Czech republic should leave EU

(The EU should not exist at all)

5. The president of the European Parliament feels that if someone is breaking into your house and hurts themselves climbing up to your bedroom window, you have an obligation to buy them a decent ladder.


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  1. I wonder what would happen if all the Somalians went away, and two-million Japanese people moved in as replacements. Why, I’ll bet in no time at all there would be hotels going up and a thriving tourist industry, they’d be generating solar electricity like fiends, desalinating water, and growing beautiful vegetables before you can say, “Domo Arigato”. Perfectly made goods would be turning up all over the place with, “Made in Somalia” written on them. So, it’s not that there is anything wrong with the geographical entity known as “Somalia”, it’s that there is something wrong with the people who populate the place. So why are they trying to get into Europe when it is themselves they crave to escape?

    What these migrants are doing is seeking a “geographical cure”. Like alcoholics, they believe that their disease will suddenly vanish if they move somewhere else, only to be devastated when they find themselves drunk, broke, and hung-over in their new country.

  2. EGYPT – 4 dead in clashes between pro-Morsi protesters and locals in Cairo

    Deadly clashes erupted between supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohamed Morsi in Ibn Sandr Square in the suburb of Zeitoun in western Cairo.

    A security source told Ahram Online that three people were killed in the violence.

    According to Al-Ahram Arabic news website another 23 were injured.

    Security forces are to trying to separate the rival groups, reported Al-Ahram.

    Clashes reportedly erupted after hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood loyalists gathered to protest in Zeitoun.

    According to Al-Ahram, gunfire was heard during the clashes.

    On Friday, Morsi supporters staged demonstrations in Cairo and across the country as part of their calls for continuous rallies in the lead up to Sunday, a national holiday celebrating the 1973 war against Israel.

    Another protester was killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of the deposed president in Manial in central Cairo.

  3. 1/ Siraj Wahaj to speak to youth in Calgary, brilliant.

    “He’s a hatemonger, there’s no question about it. He’s the No. 1 advocate of radical Islamic ideology among African-Americans. His stuff is very appealing to young Muslims who are on a radical path.”

    (Stephen Schwartz, quoted at Discover the Networks)

    With Nairobi barely a fortnight old, you’d think there might be some common sense around.

  4. Luchtpint:

    I confess right out of the gate. I have no idea how accurate this history is. I just like the idea of people fighting back against Muslims. Is it Chinese propaganda? The syntax and errors in English suggest it is. I will add a disclaimer at the post. Thanks.

  5. 5. The president of the European Parliament feels that if someone is breaking into your house and hurts themselves climbing up to your bedroom window, you have an obligation to buy them a decent ladder.

    The president says that it is European problem. How so? It is an African problem, created by corrupt African leaders, and then foisted on Europe.

  6. Chris J

    Somalis are regarded even in East Africa as beyond the pale. This is a people, where robbery and piracy are accepted as honorable professions. With a people like these, to let them into the goody store of the West, is simply asking for trouble.

  7. 3. The person making the video left out some very important points. Such as Islam killed and drove out 2/3’s of the Tang Dynasty. But his over all point is a very good one that Islam didn’t continue on to take more lands. Personally I believe it was because the Byzantine–Arab wars was just getting started.

    BTW –
    has anyone seen were we can buy this movie? i looked at amazon but nothing.
    The link gives no information i can read.

    Thank you

  8. Some people have said they downloaded it from Pirate Bay. It is a very good movie by the way and I have seen it for sale, I thought it was on Amazon but its not there now.

  9. using a bittorrent isn’t a way to help support people for making movies like this.
    I can understand using bittorrent down loading for Hollyweird movies but not this one.


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