News links for Oct. 2 2013 – 2

1. Jacksonville Airport reopens after bomb squad removes device

Jacksonville International Airport was shut down for nearly five hours, stranding incoming planeloads of passengers on the tarmac and delaying outgoing flights after police found two suspicious packages, one of which was deemed “destructive” and had to be deactivated offsite by a bomb squad.

Why do I think this story will receive this treatment?

2. Al Jazeera clip on Myanmar Buddhist-Muslim wars

3. Loughborough teenager ‘planned terror attacks’ (Not enough info in this to give any idea as to motive, but they try and make it look like an anti-Islam thing when it could be against anti-Islam people)

4. Torture ‘widespread’ in Libyan jails – UN report

5. Arson attempt at medieval cathedral
Domkyrkan nattetid / Foto: Stefan Lanehed Västerås Cathedral, Photo: Stefan Lanehed

Västerås Cathedral was the target of an attempt at arson Friday afternoon. However, the fire went out on its own and according to the TT news agency there was no major damage in the church, which dates back to the 13th century.

Someone had placed textiles on the altar and set them on fire. According to the police, the fire could have caused serious danger. “The whole church could have burned down,”

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6 Replies to “News links for Oct. 2 2013 – 2”

  1. #1 this is the only link to this incident that I can find.

    #2 another propaganda piece that doesn’t have any truth in it.

    #3 why would an anti moslems have a copy of The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook.?

  2. #3 The article says he has Aspergers. That means he’s autistic. Just as schizophrenics like Brievik become obsessed with purity, Aspergers types are tend to like things being seperate, in order, unchanging. They can SOUND extremely racist or insensitive but are devoid of malice. It’s the same way they tend to feel about food on their plates and for pretty much the same non reasons. Subtlety and change are confounding to them.

    They’re the sorts of people who go on forever about whichever current star trek sucks because it’s not like the original in every single detail.

    The Che thing just means he’s as deep as a sandbox and the swastikas are just doodles. I would guess the EDL recieves the same level of commitment from him. I.e zero because he’s just a dumb teenage boy.

    His natural agression can’t be normally channeled because of the Aspergers which causes him to be an intellectual and social failure because of his inability to handle social interaction and subtle thinking.

    I doubt he and the other dumb teenage boys have the werewithal to actually do what the state is afraid he was going to do. They had air guns. They were playing.

    I doubt Beavis and co would have done anything with those materials except toss them around in empty lots for teenage kicks.

    And as for the Mujahadine poison handbook. I had several friends who had the Anarchist cookbook when I was in highschool. They just had it because it was transgressive and thus cool. The most anyone did with it was make pot brownies and they tasted nasty- SO I’M TOLD.

    So far he sounds like just about every boy I knew in jr. high. Yeah he’s in highschool but he’s got Aspergers and is develeopmentally challenged intellectually and emotionally.

    Che, Swasticas, Mujahadine poison handbook and the EDL. All together they show a normally frustrated teen dealing with hormones and a most likely unsatisfying school life. Those things lead him to want to be “transgressive”. So he picked up on whatever is currently transgressive.

    Here’s the kicker. It is the leftists and media establishment who worked overtime to make the EDL seem transgressive. It’s Anjem Choudhary, The various socialist organizations and the BBC who’ve made the EDL attractive to teenage boys by making it seem to be so transgressive.

    So this is all their fault.


  3. Gunmen attack Russian embassy in Libya’s Tripoli</b<

    The Russian embassy in Tripoli, Libya, has come under fire and there were attempts to get into Russia’s diplomatic compound, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    “There has been an incident in Tripoli tonight, in which there was shelling and attempts to enter the territory of the Russian Embassy in this country,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich told RT.

    According to preliminary information, there are no reports of injuries among the staff.

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