Ottawa Police celebrates Islamic history month

This photograph was taken inside the main branch of the Ottawa Police on Elgin St. Wed. Oct 2 2013 and is supposed to be hanging there for the month of Oct.

Frankly I hope that Ottawa Police people and staff do study Islamic history and properly, and come to the only conclusion one can arrive at. Namely that the greater the degree of Islamic influence in any society the greater the threat to: equality for all before the law, freedom from religion, autonomy for any individuals, general safety for the public, women, non-Muslims and rule of law as derived from our own cultures and principles.


Banner in Ottawa Police Station Elgin St. Oct 2 2013

It would be good to know though, exactly which organizations the Ottawa Police liaise with that came up with this idea. Chances are it is one that would be illegal and its members in jail in that very same building if they were forthright about what they believe, teach, advocate and fund. But we shall see.

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